Finding Natalie – Chapter Two: From Some Other People that Matter

Continuing with sharing a chapter of Finding Natalie each day, here’s chapter two.  This chapter was written from half a dozen other people’s perspectives including both of my parents.  Links to the introduction and first chapter are here, plus the purchase link for CreateSpace to order a copy.

Introduction…  Chapter One…  CreateSpace link

CHAPTER TWO – From Some Other People that Matter

And whose perspective is this one from son?

The ideas are nowhere near done as the web is spun through a run through the view of what I can say to you.  Although they had me in mind for parts of Chapter One, they too linked it back to me in this chapter (with no idea how many there will be in this book).

Adam Chambers had once thought Rob was trying to ‘rook’ him.  Rob has no idea what that means.  Also noted, Rob explained the whole Mox stuff to me the night this was written.  So much truth is hidden from us and what they’re really about, though I’ve got my own plans as to how this shall go down.

It’s true, though it’s also the case that he mixes shit up and uses other people’s ideas.  Some people might think this part is written for me, and in a way, it’s written for a lot of us.  The whole statement of “It takes two to write and one to read” will probably be told to me later on once I wake up.  It’s also true that Rob’s spoken disapproval at some of the things that I say.  He also keeps some things secret so that others don’t know who I am when it’s obvious to some (once you know where we come from).

I was asleep while Louis CK was talking about ‘Pig Newtons’ and the night before I heard Rob saying something about someone shitting on wedding rings.  You all know that we can end him really quick, yet he has no idea if we will.  It’s also true that some of you do want him to live.  “Does it taste like a pork cookie motherfucker?!?!”-Louis CK

Okay, so while I was passed out this shit was written.  LG’s?  Not the sitch that night.  Three of us built decks, though that might not make sense to you.  Magic is a card game we play that involves cards that cost some good money.  Rob’s pissed away a shitload of his imaginary money on them.  I also don’t know if I knew about Rob and Natalie and the money argument.  I’m sure he’ll tell me sometime.

He’s mentioned you a few times, though I didn’t yet know about the depths of this obsession.  If it’s anywhere near (even like half or a quarter) as the addiction to Magic, there might be some bearing.

“This kid shits like a bear!”

There too is the fact that dead bodies are mentioned, though I don’t know if that was someone putting thoughts or ideas in my brain or even where or who it was sourced from.  There are so many mysteries, and also some solid definite facts.  You should probably ask me my knowledge, take, or opinion on the situation.  I suppose too that I could tell you some things that others don’t know about the sitch and also what the term ‘tilting’ means.  I thought of it last night and now three of us have been using the term.  Also noted I don’t want people using it and it becoming a hipster thing to say, at least that’s what I said.

I’m also not totally certain if my identity will be known or if Rob will let you know exactly who this is.  I should tell you, though maybe it’s best to be left as what’s guessed already from how this starts to carry the hearts you shall not tarry.

Yes, it’s too late to decide what we shall do for it’s already done.  White mana symbolized by a sun, blue by a water drop, red by fire, black by a skull, and green mana by a tree.  Told that two of us were next to this as he wrote this for you, Natalie.  Rob’s only told me a bit, though I also don’t know what he really wants to do.  I also can’t tell you what the truth is about him and other people in this town.  He’s spent a shitload of money on Magic and also is getting a bit desperate about not having any credit remaining.  He’s only working two nights a week and should have been studying for his final on Tuesday.  Instead, he was up from the day before at eight in the morning writing this for you (and himself) when the routine ‘Hilarious’ had just finished.  He also told me what a node is.  I’ll hopefully tell him more of what he should write about, though I didn’t yet know how this chapter had formed.  Hell… I don’t even know if I’LL read it, or if anyone else ever will.  Maybe it will just be another whim that is tossed aside and don’t know if I’ll help you decide.

Lots of people may hang out and joke and share stories, though still a shitload of each of us is hidden.  There’s another theory Rob will probably tell me about the four different forms of self.  I’ll let you know later when I find out.  Speaking of finding out, I also will give you all the dirt on him if you ask, though also don’t know what the consequences will be.  True though that some of the flow helps us tow along the songs as the wrongs have been made which help us dig the Earth into the spade.

About six or seven days passed between the last paragraph and this one.  Rob also uses music a lot, and although I wasn’t there to hear, he put an album into play just before typing the first word of the next sentence.  Holy fuck that kid smokes though!!  The night he started this chapter he smoked near a pack and a half inside his apartment and almost smoked out me and Tanner!  It’s also noted that documentary videos share flows of those who fuse the news and the cues to speak, as told to mold the fold of how then will be now.

It also seems that it was Tanner who coined a few terms we’ve heard and used at Bastion Games.  Bastion’s a hobby shop where some of us play Magic.  Linked through the black mana there is removal.  The pull of breath has been led to you.  I didn’t know that your character’s name was Beth, though I too don’t know about Katie, and that Rob was talking with her earlier in the day.  I start training at Stream in about a week or so as Tanner and I start on a new contract there.  A few of us have worked at Stream and although people quit and leave and gripe about it, it also will let me have some money.  I’ve had some patterns that make finding a job difficult, and that’s what Rob should be doing.  Instead, he’s writing on the computer at near 4 am in the morning!  WTF?!?!

The album that’s playing is ‘Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star’ as the first tar bar of this session was extinguished.  I don’t know what they wished for, though the door is closed as this has been in the bin.  Seriously, why would he write a book just for one gal?!  He’s not going to make money off a book, though then again Chad wants to do that too.

Through the cue to speak, the tracks we hear leak into the clear window of how no one is to know that I must shut the eye and try to hear the facts that are said from the stereo.  Some call me names, though Rob’s not heard any insults about me (as far as he’s told me).  He also said that he thinks it’s funny when Tanner and I argue, and I also should introduce him to my GF.  He also complained about me texting ‘kkk’ in response to his messages.  I think the kid’s a little too edgy and he did get a bit bitter earlier and got a bit pissed off and complained about people asking him for cards.  He’s got too many!  Though even I note he’s made some good deals.  Also noted that this book is for you, Natalie, so I’ll try to not go off about stuff that’s not relevant.

Things that I should warn you about Rob… He gets a bit distant and sometimes doesn’t really say much.  Other times he talks too much (and definitely rhymes a bit too often).  He also has complained a bit about me and how I move when standing up near people.  He’s given me car rides home, though I bring my longboard just in case.  We went out for Slurpees tonight and Geoff Point was working at the 7-11.  Geoff was at an event the other night and was a bit pissed off with how Rob kept rhyming at him.  The good thing about the group of Tanner, Rob, and me are that we do have some good laughs.

Rob too repeats some of his jokes too much.  He told me the joke about “Why do Elephants have four feet” joke again for, like, the fourth time last night.  Rob dropped me off at home and then went home.  He said he’s needing to find a job and that that’s he’ll do it on Monday.

I must take a look into the situation to find what is real and or fake.  Do you really want to make a trip to find him?  He didn’t talk about you last night, though mentions you a bit recently.  I also note I don’t have a clue about much of the story.  When written, Rob hadn’t told me the scope of this whole situation.  We also haven’t talked too much about the shop we’ve an idea to open.  I’m thinking of opening the shop in the next two years, though we don’t know who’ll be part owners, though Matt said he might not be a part.

Tanner and I were meant to move in as roommates, though now Tanner’s talking about moving up north which means he might be bailing.  I also wonder if I should let someone else take the pen, though do get a hold of me later on as I’ll know much more later in the course of this.  The question then, is who should you hear from next?

Okay, Brandon suggested me to write to you.  I have work on Tuesday and Rob will probably get me a lift to work in the morning.  I pulled a herniated disc about two weeks ago.  Bill Taylor said that that type of injury doesn’t go away.  I’ve had lots of physical ailments for the past few years, though need to work to pay the bills.  I went through a lot of hard times through the past years, and although I have a good job now, I’ve still got some issues.

I worked at Greyhound for about five years, that’s how I met Tabetha.  She still works at Starbucks and is hooked up with Chris and has a daughter with him.  I watch out for her sometimes.  I also worked at Starbucks with Tabetha.  I lost the job at Greyhound when they changed management and hired cheaper employees.  I worked at Starbucks for a while and had to bus to and from there.  I also don’t want to trouble you (or others) with my issues, so let’s get to the story.

I used to live in the suite next to Rob.  We both had a pair of cats when we lived there.  Mine were Gabby and Peter, while Rob’s were Winks and Boots.  Kitties are great, though both of us lost both our cats in the past few years.  Peter and Boots went a few years before Winks and Gabby who both died in the year prior to this writing.  Gabby was a Japanese Bobtail who lived for more than 19 years.  She was declawed before I got her, though she’d still ‘scratch’ on things even though she had no claws.

Rob and I both like our cats, though I spent more time with mine.  Rob was often out of the house.  He worked for quite a while at a warehouse, though we weren’t hanging out much when he worked there.  We did play a bit of Magic with two other friends.  I met Ross and Tim through Rob and us used to play Magic at Rob’s place.  It’s kind of strange that we didn’t hang out so much when living on the opposite side of the wall.  Rob and I both smoke, and our first few meetings were outside across the patios of our apartments.

I had lost a great friend near when Rob and I first starting talking.  I did and did not know that Rob was a bit cautious about me.  I used to be much darker and told Rob some stuff about things I had done when I was younger that scared him a bit.  I also recall hearing a shitload mentally from Rob through the walls.  He’s recently blamed it on Ross, though I’m not so certain.  What I do know (now) about Rob is that he does help me out with rides to work.  We have a deal where if he gives me a ride to work I’ll buy him a pack of smokes.

Rob told me a while ago that he’s getting a bit desperate with his money situation.  He’s said he’s been running on credit since he was working at Wendy’s after the warehouse job (2009).  I’m also not a person to push my opinion and do like to keep some things to myself, so I’ll not reveal too much, though I do know a shitload.

Rob talks a lot to me sometimes and at other times doesn’t really say much a tall.  I also know that I probably remember more of what he’s said to me than he believes.  I have gone through some tough times, though haven’t been as lucky as Rob with the government.  Even though I had no job, and couldn’t get one, I couldn’t get welfare and went without for too long.  Jenn Joyce (the manager of the Starbucks I worked at) did hire me on at Starbucks, yet with my back, my heart, and no car it was NOT easy.  Add to the fact that my parents listed the apartment I lived in and had to move out, things were tough.

Nowadays I live in the upstairs of Tabetha and Chris’ house with my cat.  She’s not the brightest cat, though Rob knows that I love my kitties.  It was not easy when Gabby went (or Peter) and I’m like an elephant.  I don’t forget things.  I’ll sign out for now, though note I’m one of the people in Chilliwack that know the most about Rob.  If you have any questions….

And after four paragraphs from Kevin, I started to write…

My son has been extremely irresponsible with life.  I didn’t know to what extent, though the night he shifted from Kevin to me he sent me a message about his money situation.  At the time I knew he was bad with money, though still didn’t know to what extent.  Although he’d paid $18,000 down on the mortgage of the apartment he bought in 2007, he also had accumulated about as much debt as much money (and again something that I don’t like about how he’s handled life) as he’s spent on cigarettes through the course of his 18 years of smoking.

Although I and his mother don’t like that he smokes, we also don’t know how deep the depravity has taken him.  At the cost of $7/pack at 1-2 packs a day (even though he used to roll his own smokes) through 18 years is $60,000 plus.  Okay, so maybe he’s not that far in debt, though if he didn’t smoke and put the money towards his apartment he’d only owe $60,000 on his place.  Again when he wrote this I didn’t know the depth of the ocean of debt he’s alluded to before.  I don’t know if I’m more mad, sad, or disappointed (and no doubt very surprised as his irresponsibility).

Rob went through many years of drug use too.  I don’t know if anyone told you about that yet, though I recall sitting with him in a waiting room at the hospital in 1998 waiting for them to admit him to the hospital.  Even worse, he went back into drug life after that first trip to the hospital!  He used to call and ask for money often, and even though I could make a fair guess that he was just spending money on drugs, I (and Sarah (his stepmother)) would send him money.  I loathe the thought of how much he has merely burned up with nothing to show other than a pile of debt and a smoke ridden apartment.

I used to tell Rob to not tell people about the bad things in his life, though, yes it’s vital you know.  Rob used to lie and has wasted much of himself to drugs and other foul things for his body.  He’s extremely lucky to still be alive, and I will not write of a light side about this.  Rob has come close to death a few times and some things I cannot divulge, just know that he still is very much like a very irresponsible child.  I’ll write more to you later, though for now recommend that you hear some more from his Mom.

I love him.

His Dad is right, though.  He has been very irresponsible and still hides things from his father and me.  I have done so so so much to help Rob, and still, he doesn’t help himself well enough on his journey of life.  He used to lie to me a lot also.  I would do things to help Rob (and still do).  I’ve wanted Rob to earn his own way through life and still do not condone some of the things that he does.  He still smokes, though almost more importantly he hasn’t worked to earn his money.  For the past few years, he has relied on governmental funds to support himself instead of finding a good job and working at it.  He’s taken some courses at university, though I think he should have a full-time job and earn his money.  I certainly didn’t know at the point he wrote this about his debt.  I’ve told Rob to not hide things from me, though once again he has.

The money that he receives from the government should be given to people that are unable to work, not people that don’t want to work.  Rob’s courses had ended a few weeks before he wrote this and still hadn’t found a job to work at.  He said that he was going to search for more work, though hadn’t even gotten an interview.

Ron (Rob’s Dad) and I tried to raise Rob with a strong work ethic.  My first job was at Safeway when I was a teen, and I earned my own way to retirement.  Ron and I divorced when Rob was in grade eight and I raised him from that point until he went away to Simon Fraser University after high school.  We always had food and I worked my ass off at what I did to support him and myself.  Rob went away to school and didn’t do very well.  Although dabbling in it when he was in high school, Rob consumed lots of drugs when he went to university for the first time.  I knew Rob had smoked some marijuana when he was living with me in Edmonton (I remember finding a bong under the garden hose when leaving the house one morning).  It was also during high school that he started smoking cigarettes regularly.

He also had a car when he was younger.  His Dad and stepmother helped him buy a car when he was in high school and I stressed the importance that he should not drive drunk (or worse).  The rule was that if Rob had had anything to drink (or smoked) that I would drive to pick him AND those he was driving up, drop each of them off, and then go pick up the car the next day with no questions asked.  Still, Rob hid many of his actions from me.

A note you should know also, Natalie, is that he is still learning, and I hope he will find his path.  It just saddens me that he hasn’t yet found it.

I was the next person that Rob mentioned in his song ‘Digital Slipstate’ by my actual name (not an abbreviation) other than himself.  Jaret Larson.

Rob worked for me and David Hinbest.  We hired Rob in June 2005 part time for our (then) franchise branch of Nedco and Dave and my company Lite-Scape.  He worked for us until April 2009 when we laid him and our outside sales person off at the same time.  We haven’t spoken with him in the past two years, though we know a lot about him from when he worked with us.

When he first started with us we were moving between our location on Railway into the first Harvard Place location.  Ashton also worked for us at that time.  We kept Rob around for a few years and also tried to include him in our lives outside of work too.  On one of his first few days, I invited Rob over to dinner with my family, although he declined.  I didn’t know that he declined because he was afraid, though that kind of set the tone of Rob being separate from us.  I too should note that my birthday was in the first week that Rob had started working for us and recall the puppet show that Ashton put on in the upper window.  We liked Ashton a lot and he worked really well for us even though he left to go live with a girl in a different province some time later.  Rob, on the other hand, stuck it out with us for nearly four years before we let him go.

For the first few weeks we wondered about him, and politely put, Rob’s really a unique person.  We also helped Rob get his car (which was later stolen) and also it was because of us that he got his first apartment.  We were paying Rob $14.50/hour when he left and even gave him some extra work with landscape installations.  It was probably a good thing that he left when he did because he certainly didn’t seem to like (or respect) his job very much.  I also don’t want to speak poorly about him, though if you ask him, he’d probably agree that near the end, the job was not a good suit for him.  I’m not sure what is.  One last note though before I pass the torch, he did talk about you (Natalie) a bit back then and we thought he was crazy for doing so.  He really needs a real girl and to focus more on reality.

“It’s a cast of thousands” – Rob’s Mom.


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