Finding Natalie – Chapter Three: Fueled From Musique

Here’s the third chapter of the book.  It was written as a series of rhymes written with a Daft Punk album in play.  The shift from Natalie’s viewpoint to my own started within these pages before writing outwards to Natalie in chapter four.

CHAPTER THREE – Fueled from Musique

(This section was written in one sitting through the start to finish of Daft Punk’s ‘Musique Vol.1 1993-2005’.  Fifteen tracks… fifteen paragraphs)

It starts from hearts and the charts that hold the melancholy volley back to holly on the lawn, Alice and Shaun, and a kid to carry on to the next.  The textbook line was stolen from Fundamental held in the instrumental and consequential links of how sminks were used for smokes and drinks before Rob took the term and started to squirm fact into the things that are stacked like the deck.  A peck on the cheek to sneak into the mix with seven more to explore the path of how one plus one equals one in shoulic math.  A bubble bath with Buster when the thrusters pushed the craft into that staffed up, to let us sup with a cup of water.  Sharon had a daughter, though was not the Milne as tillin’ the seeds with needs met as the cigarette burns the concerns into a lesson that turns into the urns, and spurns on the voice to let the resurgent choice shift the Magic to Royce and Rodney.  When we know that Ruth helps the key of we, and how divinity shines in lines, it’s woven before the Cloverdale sale of sand and is mixed into the Mike.  Linked like a tyke on a Bigwheel, to peel away the night into day and let the music pray.  Crazy, sexy, and cool to fuel the Matricite with a course to ignite the rite.  To hone in on the kin and share a crate full of plastic to spin.  When their Dad had said that being in line, instead of stepping out of bounds, the grounds hold the elective enrolled with the bold choice of even starting to share the voice.  Almost killed in Vancouver by an Illuminate maneuver as the Hoover holds the gates of how sometimes he creates.  The States might hold him for a couple weeks, though the series leaks into the waiver that might be needed while the bassline’s seeded by them, the gem, and then Haw and Hem as ‘Who moved my cheese?!?!’

MCs and the street hatch the beat that we catch as a treat.  Pause to repeat that I am neither of the first two while a second mistake was made to leak my own poetic peek.  Into the mix that holds that I do this for me.  I mention not your name as the aim is to claim a perspective and prerogative to never be derogative, yet still remain provocative and eloquent in this sent to you.  You have no clue.  The blue mana starts to flux like a Counterspell cast from the last night of the fast delight.  There might be a correct line to select and eject into the mix with the myth of how this is not written by the kitten, and instead is fitting this for me to plough too.  I cannot claim to meet you, as I am too true to kick it with crew.  The many dramas that ensue cannot confuse you as the shift of how this rift lifted up to sup with a bit of writ from the place they sit.  Knit the hi-hat tweaking and the bassline sign that holds the crack thought.  The back ought to still twinge, yet they singe the ninja yellow with a shuriken from Donatello.  Instead of the second half of the laugh, it’s showed you know how this is fused from one rused and abused.  Still chosen to remain like Thawing Glaciers, the spaced out view from the satellite seems to share the sight and remind us of how PLURIBUS is not where PLU8R is stemmed from.  Some seem to deepen the sitch with an accidental switch back to rhyme mode later on in the ultra-node.  The road traveled shall be known well as living both in and out of Shell.

And we all heard this one playing.  Relaying on the truth with a contested youth who shall hopefully strive to improve, though not to meet the groove of vinyl as we know not all lyrics are final.  The spinal fluids release the geese flying into the vying for position on a mission of Unity.  The tree, the glee, the WE, and the Bea and the teardrop will stop the line and top up some spine.  Share another trine where there is hip-hop in the bassline.  They incline perspective to live, love, and thrive and drive home the point that he won’t smoke a joint.  They talk of holy things while the divinity clings to the wings that hold the mess with a guess about Jess, and how less might be good, yet still pull up in the hood and share what they could.  Would it be enough to say that we knew about Puff and still know the flow that they show as though it was our own?  How can we hone the skills for love and also to help play the chills into the beat (with the sweet leaf) as a way to share reliefs of the cliff with a whiff to catch the sniff?  On from Scratch and how he and Eliza seemed to hatch the thought brought earlier in the sign that the seconds are in …

Hold on.  Father Ron?  Is your son a Swan?  Will he make it to dawn?  Where have all the pretty lights gone?  So few lovestones and so much to close the hutch and share such things like the music that kicks the Tweet into how they seated themselves down.  Share the twelves with the tens, to let two more mix with Mos Def and Jeff the Chef.  A fuzzy cleft finds the kind of love that seems to always be held above.  They’re a sacred dove that was shoved off stage for showing arrogance to rage.  The pages turn the concern of the centiliters and the genetic retreaters, wondering if they should bleed or breed.  The reference made by Snoop of Sam as there’s no telling if they cram the track into the pack.  There are some things people say or do that they possibly should lack.  Way back into the sounds that grounds of coffee pull apart, we find each close the start of the friend, while back to the end of the beginning and pinning up the thumb tack in tactics that mac the chicks.  First to hop on his quick recovery into those above the one that cannot see that there are billions of you, and only one of anyone who can be known as alone on their own.  A shared tone to have paired the zone as something people do not want others to be known.

Anthony Armstrong has passed on, yet still they recall the walls put up to hold the pup.  Ena took Mischief in; we found Mischief in the bin.  Although no kin in this town, they rise to share a gown with their gal while out and about shopping for the grout who lets the sprout catch a nap.  Neither Hardcore, nor Rap.  Past events with Poubelle and Pap.  Some just want a lovestone to tap the phone lines and hear the digital signs of the tones he designs.  To be heard in a specific way so that there’s no need to pray.  The days close after light when they took the time to right hook into the book.  Shift the attention to another with subtle instamention.  Conventional words used may not have truth correctly fused to our awareness, as their air’s digress with the wind, and the water, of the stone that may, or may not, even understand the land.  How then will it be the plough to till the soils of Atlantis with a discioscamist who tries to assist?  It gets all caught up in an unrealistic twist.  He knows that you assist.  The Alien on the list of how some people get popped for being dissed.  A jungalist to resist.

Pop and the web as their top found their slur cross into the PLU8R that wasn’t shown.  Though too noted that they smote the id and the ego with a primo arigato, they correctly show that although some people can rhyme, it’s because of the last dime.  Climb well into the shell and let us dwell on the spells cast into the pace; That that adjusts the busts into the eyes because of how their owners try to rise from space.  Their disguise is hidden in the misinterpretation of enunciation and the presentation of their inhalation is taking an exhale to John Gale.  How we don’t know what he’d say of the day that the net is to help the Whelp meet their Shivan.  Living on the other side of the planet, yet still note that… THE SAME PLANET!!  Some people have parents dead, or beyond the points of where lightspeed has led their family like those sworng into the sea.  From a place we haven’t seen in the waking realms with dreamers at the helms.  It overwhelms with calm and peace to surround the flock of Reese flying through the sky with Peanut butter Wolf knowing why Brent Ross should cross the sai.  Reasons of why, or why not, as thought to plan a plot.  It might be burned up or used for parts (other than the lungs and the scorned hearts).  Torn was at the start when leaving Richmond’s mall, as y’all caught the facts in pacts made like a grave.  It was him that they did save from death.  Some hated because of meth, while some too he didn’t appreciate like Roo.  The hash hits and mash the tits and stash the bits while told to cash the kits while they take a break from the real and fake.  Second take is all they make

How many times was it done before the door finally closed on those who proposed life and love to the wrong one?  A link to share where there will be a grammatic use of the languages that pervade through the caverns of space and soul.  Magic players would know that they cannot control the spell with a counter; Then again, Doubling Season might be a good idea to get the walker up to chalk up a story from Nancy and how he said that he was going to quit drugs for good.  Well… he did Nancy, and hasn’t forgotten you.  You’re an amazing person, and although he was all fucked up and drugged out, the grout now holds him well in the spell of how people like you are remembered too through the years.  The tears not shed as much as they used to be, and he still too is like a person you knew and liked.  Though the spiked memory of how there are some who do remember parts of where they come from.  The sum of the whole….

“There are times which will not be forgot, there are always people within a plot that know more about you when hearts are true.  Mon chou, mon loup, mon caoutchouc” – QBlue II.  Although this is a page that was not to be heard from a main stage, the wage shall be earned as still concerned that Rob’s not learned or improved on the being he is.  Fizz in the drink to link how the fuzz no longer fuels what he’s to think, unless someone else has taken some puffs near the sink.  Where they drink and play and slink to say that they should not be taken away as the next day is to let the clay set well in the kiln.  Tilled soil may not appreciate that although they do, and don’t, wait that they’re true to create and let him stay up late as a way to clear the slate.  We share the gates of the soul as the words that you read from page with a loss of how their mage is to cast the spell of Kenny Raphael, and the yet formed coal.

Nabin, in between the video, murder was seen flashed on the screen in a different song.  Why did you do that?  What went wrong?  They were believing in you and your song and then that?  Plus, Rob’s a stupid cat living in a flat and fat like that DAT.  That type of stuff seems to trigger Puff and wonders if the statement of a love movement is really the true stuff that you’re on about.  Though then again, this book, they threw it out with taking the time to heed from what was written for them to read.  And maybe you did not mean that or link to Nat or pop the cat.  We have no idea how the countries shall fare, and if there will be creative repair.  With the bridges crossed at the cost of life, maybe one day a family, yet not knowing of the wife.

One let the set get the key of above and below.  The trickling flow that is to help tow along the raft of this craft traveling around the spool like a tender proton jewel.  To fuel the mana leak and peak the bass into their face.  They speak of Grace, yet still don’t know the correct perception of things they mention on a whim, and get spun back to them like most things said by Slim.  Mortal Kombat and the Wombat video show that although some are in the tar pit of being trapped in writ, there are some who help pull out the final drops of the backbone that cops use to help us stay alive.  There are some who are not animate that let the waves of sand activate the lands of hands of the clock into a digital Spock.  Lock the door and hit the floor with the wars that go on outside the places we reside.  No one’s yet died on the side of how this is to slide into the sarcophagus with Morpheus and the suspicion of a Tundra mission and how they’re fishing the satellite for a tight channel.  Solar panels allow the radiation to have refrigeration on the the station of thought as, yes this CD I bought.  Skipped to trip The Dot….

They say erase while a smoke is stuffed in the face.  This is the funny line that shows how humans design and incline truth through a youth that is held in the Digital meld.  How some have welded together the pipes of the gas line and share the pass to refine the oil with a boiling pot on the thought… fuming and resuming on course from the year of the horse.  Three cycles ago which may mean that Stephie was a teen that shows what love does glean through the technological miracle; That that is a pearl is to curl up and sup with like a myth of the Ith.  How then will be now as told again that they want to go out with you cow.  The plough digs deep into the sands of sleep and that we may keep.

Four more tracks and paragraphs in the staffs that twirl up a code that he did load up like the beat.  Pause, play, puff, repeat.  We are human.  Zoomin’ through space in a galaxy that is only one of many with no more dropping penny.  In our country while told that the Australian rules are bold and help hold correct representation, even if only a $25 fine.  The signs left along the way with the things that we do not say finding a way into the awareness of another whether sister, brother, or only child.  Note that too that before the second child is born, an only child is sworn to be that that they are like a near far star; or Grover with the series coming over to the next.  A cross holds the text fused from a third, yet the bird settles in the nest with the test of if one can show that, although blessed, they still have a messed up situation that cannot just be cured with notations of their mistakes.  They require and desire real people and not fakes, yet then too that rakes in those that really hate and want to destroy instead of using the correct people that they want to employ.  I know not if they merely see us as a toy, or if they understand that one boy may guide the cosmos with a verbose layer of text, without always knowing what next.  The consect’s a community we live in called Earth.

Let everything be under the wings of The Contialis, including this, as there are definite facts that the tracts show how then will be now.  There are also those in the spin of how some have friends closer than kin, and not just by locative distance.  With and to and of and from some assistance by forces not of this world.  Curled up well in the shell of how they saved him from heaven and hell, the bell rings and stings the plan of Kings to bring the Devil under themselves to lift up and sup.  A cup of water focused with love, instead of hate, is what he intends (and succeeds) to create.  The time 3:48AM according to the computer he swears at for being too slow.  Some others too must know that when the net is fast and the speed of the connection is faster than that of her triggering some inflection, there still is purification that must be made.

Almost through the disc while the last two trips were brisk.  I seem to frisk them down to make sure there’s not a noun to select as wanting to serve and protect without having to select if someone lives or dies.  The Parramatta tries across the line share a skip in the design of what they have done for a son who’s glad his Dad is rad.  Had I known some tone will have shown through that he wrote, Sergio and the goat might be in a techno color trench coat to have smote the desire to see the cigarettes lit with fire.  No one should be ‘Sire’, and true too each should (and sometimes can) be ones we admire.  The lyre pulled out taut with thought taught to be the sea, and not just one person like me, Rob.  Get through the next year or so, and I may join up with your flow.  You still need to grow, and always will, though I too hope you know that and will get another cat, even if not with that one you’re writing for.  Get through the album and get ready to head out the door as we’ve led you to some more that will let us each explore the situation through the forming of this notation.  Understand that although you don’t yet have a vocation, you are on the right path of exploration at your station of home.  WE shall roam round the MindSound and help the book be bound to the people that matter in this mix.  You too must understand that although there’s no ring on her hand, you should stand up and sup and find the pup.  Some have called me a bitch, yet you know too that there is a switch up to skip and sup yet turn the volume down to up.

Don’t forget about the pet, and how although you let some of the wrong people in, the song too speaks of your sin of being too trapped up in your own dreams and irrational doings.  Remember that you are to help more than just yourself and that you should keep the idea on the shelf, for now, and plough the fields of your life as right now you can’t afford a wife.  Plus, the suspicion of the mission has other’s fishing the eaves and not understanding the weaves of four to two through the violet hue of how you are only you; only one child who’s smiled through tears of despair crying joy.  Find someone to employ you and work through the next year or two (I too not knowing how, or with who) yet you must do what you do and remain true to many more than few.  The door to crew something you should and should not do, just be careful and cautious as some you trust are like a blade with rust.  Help refine, redesign, and incline yourself further towards success as a base pauper, as we are glad you know you’re not a hip-hopper.  You must not cross the bounds of the other people’s sounds as told that Kyle met you at Legal Grounds.  Let the pounds be removed as although your faith is not approved, there is some other stuff that we like that we want to share with you that has let US to have grooved.  Carry on, it’s dawn, and never forget your Father, Ron.


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