Shared Node – (Glossary Only)

I thought to include the Shared Node glossary as a separate post… Here it is!!!

(And for a link to the book Shared Node, click this!!)


(This section is a collection of ‘Rob’ words, also partially called Shoulspeak).

Consect – Bluntly defined as a gangsters turf.  Alternatively a consect is reference to the criminal areas and community.

Contialis – A society formed through an involution of all conscious thought.  This can include different layers and expanses… eg.  Earth is a contialis, yet only part of the galactic or universal contialis.

Contialitic – A highly mental and cognitive person, place, or idea that is associated in relation with other nodal points.  A person that is highly contialitic is exceptionally mental and cognitive and often connected to others.

Cos Secant – A lyrical term for when a prerecorded stream of lyrics harmonize at the same time with a shared rhyme.  The stream of audio catching up to form a rhyme at the same time as a spoken flow.

Cos Sign – A lyrical term used for when two streams of linguistic content harmonize to make a rhyme at the same point in time, though not identical words.

Donatello – A Donatello is the primary listener.  Their weapon is the staff which is a code for the ears.  Donatello is the purple banded ninja turtle.

Emerald – A stylish and tactile feeler.  An emerald can also be used to refer to a group of two or three, and can be associated with ‘the turtles’.  And alternate noding of an emerald can be the first person to break from a group of five, leaving the turtles behind.  An emerald is the green mox.

Fibe – A socio-emotional word for true happiness and/or a real/authentic smile.

Fide – A socio-emotional word for a neutral expression (a face of neutrality).

Fleek – A musical term for a quick fluctuation of tone or sound in the higher frequency’s resonance.  The term ‘on fleek’ though is a more recent internet slang for meaning ‘on point’ or perfect.

Flowetics – Flowetics are the style of rhyme uses in this book.  They are streams of consciousness that rhyme.

Glish – Another base term for Shoulspeak words that follow English grammatical structure.

Gripple – A thought ripple from inner to outer.  When a word or thought is thought in mind, and then heard externally from a different audible source.

Instamention – A word stemmed from the combination of the words ‘instant’ and ‘mention’.  With concept of instantaneous or pre-reflexive input, when a thought is heard or incepted moments before one is aware of it.

Introversial – The genre for both Rob’s music, and written work.  Introversial material is stemmed from a partially introverted disposition with a layer of sociological or controversial nature.

“Introversial artists and people are those that may cause discord in life due to the explicit ability to refuse to be something that they not, while overtly displaying and asserting their own truths obsessively and many times over.”

Jet – A tonal, intergalactic, listener.  A jet can also be used to refer to self alone, or a group of four.  A jet is the black mox.

Katana – A cough out loud to stop a thought, or to stop another person from speaking; also called ‘a point of blue’.  A katana is also the code word for mouth in turtle code (the weapon of Leonardo)

KP4 – The Philippine version of PLURR.  The base of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, plus the additional R of Responsibility.  The Filipino words are kapayapaan, pag-ibig, pagkakaisa, paggalang, and pananagutang.

Laser Shouling – The Shoulspeak term for direct mind to mind (one to one) telepathy.  It may not be as solid or strong as a Vulcan mind meld, though is shared as a one to one shouling, unlike QBlue telepathy which is more puddle thought or group think.

Leonardo – Leonardos are primary speakers.  They are linked as being audio out in line with sapphires from the mox code.  Their voice is coded as a katana, though a cough can signify them also as ‘a point of blue’.

Libe – A socio-emotional word for a pouting expression.

Lide – A socio-emotional word for authentic sadness, usually signified by a tear (a point of blue).

Linear Trine – A lyrical term for when four rhymes are sequenced in a flow of rhymes in perfect cadencial sequence.

Loverock – A solid man (or shoulsman) that does not fight.

Lovestone – A girl (or woman) that is loved.

Mibe – A socio-emotional word for a deep and intense rush of positive emotion and/or gladness.

Mide – A socio-emotional word that is for a denouncement of all things, ideas, and energy.  Signifying ‘My Intellect Denies Everything’.  When one experiences or uses mide as an energetic technique, it’s a resetting back to fide (a neutral energy or expression).

Michelangelo – A Michelangelo (or Mikey) is one who’s outside of the primary three people.  Mikey’s weapon is the nunchucks which is a code for one’s nose or legs.  A Mikey also can be labeled as an audience member.

Mikey shouling – Also can be called ‘a crossing of the nunchucks’.  This is where two people make physical contact with their noses.  An Eskimo kiss.

Mox code – A code stemmed from five of the Power Nine cards from Magic:TheGathering called moxes.  The code uses Wizards of the Coast guidance regarding colour references and can be used to connote personality types.  The mox code also can be used to signify numbers.

Node – A point at which lines or pathways intersect or branch; a central or connecting point.

Noding – When two nodes or ideas cross or join.  Eg. When a group of five is labeled as moxes. Or when two people engage in active dyad forming a sapphire.

Pearl – A soft, natural, and intuitive person.  Also can be used for a highly contialitic person.  A pearl is the white mox.

PLU8R – Derived from the PLUR, a raver credo for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.  The raver credo though was stemmed from the Peace Love Unity movement from Frankie Bones.  The number/word ‘eight’ used in the shoulic variant form of PLU8R signifies ‘Everything In God’s Hands True’.  The eight also can be used in sharing infinite Respect (by having the number tapped on its side), and also how the form of PLU8R extend many R words; Respect, Responsibility, Representation, Reciprocity, Reciprocation, Recognition, Relevation, Revelation, Rationalization, Reparation, and Restoration.

QBlue Telepathy – Telepathy that is more water (puddle) based or natural telepathy.  It can be considered more passive and general compared to laser shouling, though does connect between individuals also.  There is the layer and notion of groupthink linked to this type of telepathy.

Queek – A musical term that describes a substantial fluttering of bass.  When the bass ‘queeks’, its fluttering and quick variation within the low frequency’s resonance.

Raphael – Raphael’s are leaders and also primary people.  The are visual, and often are held as the third in a group of three when a Leonardo and Donatello is present.

Raphael Shouling – (see Visual Shouling)

Relevation – A Shoulspeak word for thoroughly enjoying something.

Ribe – A socio-emotional word for a physical clenching of fists to purge anger or negativity, though not striking anyone, or anything, with them.

Ruby – A passionate, visual, battling person.  A ruby also can signify a singular person, or a group of three.  A ruby is the red mox.

Sai – The weapon of Raphael and a code name or metaphor for a person’s eyes.

Sapphire – A true, codal, speaker.  Sapphires also can be associated with intellect and deceit.  A sapphire is the blue mox.

Scunge – The word was a random word from The Bubbles Lovestone which was meant to be a dirty word.  Later the word was used as drug slang for mooching marijuana (similar to ‘sminking’ a smoke).

Secant – a lyrical term where either the cadence or tone of a spoken flow matches that on the stereo, though explicitly does not match words syntactically or with rhyme.

Seff – A Shoulspeak verb for checking out a gal. The acronym is Sight Evaluating Full Frontal.

Seffables – A Shoulspeak slang for women’s boobs.

Sess – In Shoulspeak, to sess someone is to look at their eyes.  If both people noded sess each other for an extended duration, it results in a Raphael (visual) shouling to the first degree.

SEW – An acronym for ‘Socio-Emotional Words’.  The SEW are used as four letter words to describe facial expressions and emotion.

Shivan – A Shivan is another word for a father.

Shoul – Something that is formed as a union of two souls or ideas.  Formed as a combination of the words ‘sharing’ and ‘soul’.  Shoul also at one point was the name of a city 10 degrees off the rings of Saturn according to a schizophrenic belief.

Shoulic – An adjective to describe someone who is soulful, yet also connected well in spirit (or mind) with another person.  There is a tranquil connotation to the word.

Shouling – There are different forms of shouls (or shouling) depending on which perceptual mode.  The six shoulings listed below are from Turtle code referencing:

– Raphael (visual) shouling

– Katana (mouth or voice) shouling

– Donatello (audio) shouling

– Mikey (nunchuck) shouling

– Shuriken shouling (claws and paws)

– Laser (Sublime) shouling

Shoulsman – An honourable, honest, true, and sometimes rugged man.

Shoulswim – A shoulswim is when two spirits overlap and can be felt by the other.  When one experiences a facial shoulswim, it’s when they can feel the facial expressions of another person on their own face.  There also are full body shoulswims where one’s entire body feels like it’s melded with another.

Shuriken Shouling – The shuriken are the weapon of Genuine (turtle code) and symbolize the hands.  The engaged activity of ‘claws and paws’ are a form of shuriken shouling where two people’s hands are united with intertwined fingers.  The most basic ‘paw’ of shuriken shouling is a ‘tiger’s paw’ where the hands meet palm to palm with fingers intertwined vertically.

Sine Wave – A lyrical Shoulspeak term for when two lyrical or linguistic streams of audio intersect by using the same exact word, at the same temporal moment.

Slank – To give something for free, without expecting repayment.  The word holds an backronym for Some Love And Nice Karma.  The word was initially used for the free gift of a cigarette.

Smig – A Shoulspeak slang term for cigarette.

Smink – To ask for something, and attain it, with no intent of repayment.  The word was taken from Gloria Doran and her union of words of smoking and drinking.  The word later was formed in Shoulspeak as the act of mooching a cigarette.

Sprite – The sprites are a group of gals that are associated through mox referencing.  There are five total, and are noded as exceptionally dear lovestones.  The initial labeling of sprites was from two gals during the 1998 freight nights before Rob’s hospitalization.

Taiga – A green and red natural dualland from Magic:The Gathering.  A taiga also makes reference to a friend from Kyeta Place, a group home where Rob lived between 2002-2004.

The Contialis – The society formed through an involution of all conscious thought.  The capitalization of the word is used similarly as to a universe or The Universe.

Tonect – A tonal range (of sound).

Trine – A combination of four nodes as one.  A bundling of three ideas or people as being linked with a shared connection.

Turtle Code – The use of labeling and metaphor of primary groups, usually of four or six people.  The original four names are from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though two additional turtles (Genuine and Sublime) are in the extended code.  The code includes metaphor or code words for some body parts, and the shouling of the parts are labeled congruently.

Underground Sea – A blue and black natural dualland from Magic:The Gathering.  In the Shoulspeak codes it has alluded to the True Lovestone as an alternate name for her.  An underground sea counts as both a swamp and an island and generates one point of blue, or black mana.

Visual Shouling – There are three layers of visual shouling.  Visual shouling can be called Raphael shouling as (from Turtle Code) the sai=eyes.  (Also noted, Rubies are visual and linked by the colour red).  A first degree visual (Raphael) shouing is where both the people share extended eye contact.  A second degree shouling is to see the same thing (such as a movie screen where the image is identical).  A third degree visual shouling is actually seeing through the eyes of another person.  This has been called second sight by some people.

Withe – A withe is a spiritual infestation of another’s spirit or soul being forced into another.  It’s as if one has been possessed or infused with another’s spiritual energy without permission or want.

Xibe – A socio-emotional word used when something or someone appears ‘alien’ like.

Xide – A socio-emotional word for laughter, though sourced from an undercurrent of sadness.

Zibe – A socio-emotional word for anger.  An aggressive and sometimes vocal expression.

Zide – A socio-emotional word for laughter, though happy laughter from authentic joy.


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