I Found the Purpose Statements for my Books!

More than one person has given me the advice to understand WHO my books are for. Tonight, I think I have formed the ‘purpose statements’ for some of my books.

– The Fountain Series (Finding NatalieSearching for Tomorrow, and The Fountains of Yesterday (not done)) is a series of books that track the journey, growth, and development of myself and my work. The books are used as a way for me to share, learn, process, and accept my inner self. Part of the series is to purge and heal my own emotional and mental damage, though the audience for the books are those that are interested in who I am, what I have been through, and how I will work to achieve my Freedom Solution.

– Shared Node (proofs ordered) is a creative lyrical art piece of a style of rhyming called flowetics. The book will be tended to every three months for an additional manual review to adjust the thread of linear thought that is formed when a book is solidified in print. The book’s source files were from pages of rhyme I had written to individual people (both known, and unknown) and carries the wishes and undercurrents of myself into the future through the readers own comprehension. Shared Node is meant to be read for entertainment and a different way to play with reality while using some ideas and language that were uniquely formed.

– Fractured Formation (only five chapters yet formed) is a guidebook and bundle of advice for those people who are new to the psych ward. It very much is a self-help book for readers, though more as one of the first foundational steps on their journey back to wellness. Although when started, I hadn’t yet secured my own profession and vocation, there are quite a few lessons that I want to share that helped me become stable and start to envision my own dreams. The goal of the book is to spark an idea, wish, or dream that can fuel a new patient to develop a path of life that they also will love.

(January 29, 2017)


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