Introduction to Fountain Three…

I have a Kickstarter up for an idea that is not yet being supported… Maybe it’s too soon.  I still am learning about this book book process, and thought to start sharing From the Valley to the Fountain, the third book in the series The Fountains of Yesterday.  Here’s the brief intro, a chapter added each day forward to the completion of the book.


 From the Valley to the Fountain is the continuation of the series: The Fountains of Yesterday.  The series is linked by the form of the books as being an outlet for the journey and process of myself, Robert, and my natterings.  From the point of the first book Finding Natalie, there had been an eighteen-year obsession with Natalie Imbruglia while Searching for Tomorrow, the second book, was outwards and sighting dreams and hopes for the future.  This book goes back to near the start of my mental health issues and covers outwards with future intent and direction too.

Within the timeframe of forming Finding Natalie and Searching for Tomorrow, the process has been drawn out and rushed.  It took me a long time to get the Finding Natalie book out the world, and now I want to write and push more with these books as they are part of my healing, therapy, and process.  Though Searching for Tomorrow was more of my wants and dreams and muddle, this book is for myself as a needed way to process.

This book starts with chapter one written to Althea Rae Megas, the Original Lovestone.  When writing that chapter I found that I do have a lot of shrapnel and damage in my heart and soul.  I also think of the damage (and blood) that I left behind in Vancouver.  Although when I started this book I had the intent to write only to pre-Vancouver people, though my current learning and connective intents shifted to some that I’ve only been aware of for less than a year.  Some have helped start the rhymes to be woven back into the tapestry.  Although I’m not an MC or rapper, there are years of working a craft towards Introversial mastery.  This includes writing and spoken speech.

A video I saw the night of starting this was one of Lewis Howes and Casey Neistat.  The fuel of this book includes the idea that a life not shared is wasted.  The intent also is to work hard and be brave, and also to develop and reclaim my health.  I move past some control dramas of people, while also dredging and repenting of some of my own personal and character flaws.

Though my rhymes may sound empty and hollow, I also know what it’s like to be a canoe.  Remember that just because another is acting like a shoe, you may not need to pair with them.  I have been debase and wasted in time and rhyme, yet still to climb up out of the writ and find the pit in which I shall also sit.

I knit together a patchwork quilt from my obvious guilt, yet I am not oblivious to the tilt of the Earth.  We each are worth more than a dollar sign and/or a lifeline to the divine, yet I incline us also to remind that my authentic nature is tainted, fearful, compassionate, and kind.

Let’s wind down the staircase into how my place, for now, is a smoke ridden home where I want to find other people’s lives to develop.  The travels of the next years have not been met, yet a decade later, maybe you will see the Glass House set?!

I thank you each for love and luck and life and pray well that we can share this journey as a conversation across a constellation without needing to meet the afterlife during this (and future books) formation and consecration.

The journey of The Fountains of Yesterday may be only a fragment of my life and work, though they have helped me evolve and process past some key points of my journey.  I shall write more after this book, though will want to form some works with more purpose than just sharing my story.

Learn, Love, Live, Thrive, Create, Play, and Pray (and thanks also to you Pat for reminding us that we live forever and a day!)





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