From the Valley to the Fountain – Chapter Four: I May not be Great, I’ll Keep at it!

CHAPTER FOUR – I May not be Great, Though I’ll Keep at it!

 Lewis!!  I sent out two messages to your support line to ask about where to send a copy of Searching for Tomorrow.  Hopefully, I hear back soon to get that book to you.  Though I’d not gotten into your podcast too much before the second book, I want to share some with you (and other readers) by directing this chapter to you!

Make a quick joke about Tony the Tiger!?!?   I love that you’ve shared so much with the world by using your resources of time and connection by making the podcast!  (For those who don’t know the podcast, it’s called The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes).  I got into the podcast near the middle of the beginning of November (2016) and have been watching and learning.  Today’s viewing was the interview with Marie Forleo.

I want to be one to share and fuel goodness and hope (and opportunity) for people too, and note that I am on that path.  I’ve had some dreamy ideas of how to help with shelter and water for people, though am (as of when writing) not with big money or big prizes.  I have made some income declarations for how I will give in the future, and today mathed some numbers for the future.  The set aside money is for my Freedom Fund (from your interview with Anthony Robbins) and also what I call the Seed Fund.  You also know that making commitments (and sticking to them) is crucial for our own journey and forward motion.

The Seed Fund is 30% of online earnings from the music and books to go towards housing people.  The goal of 15,000 books by August 1st, 2017 will earn enough to house two people for a full year in my local community.  I will be using the seed funds (and my learning) to fuel money to those without, or that are in strong need.  (There are quite a few people that don’t have homes, and that’s one mission I work towards solving).

On your podcast played yesterday (Shawn Stevenson January 7th, 2015) I have set more intents for my life.  I know that I lack a lot of willpower and structure (sometimes) though we know our intent is a crucial thing.  The idea of cutting off caffeine 8 hours before sleep, and going to bed near 10-11PM is what I have taken from that episode.  (This may contradict Steve Aoki’s idea of ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’).  It’s also the case that I know my strongest limiting factor is my tobacco use.  I wonder if that’s an idea for you to form an episode about the psychology of smoking (and how to adjust the behavior).

I’m glad that you’ve also shown some other principles that I like about how you’ve been sharing your works.  You are not running ads or promoting products on your YouTube stream, you know that sharing your information and resources (even connection with others) will support many others and your own vision.  We know that there will be other streams of income and that by sharing some things for free we can help others.  I’m glad that there are so many that can (and do) learn from you –you give information and share purpose- Some things need not be monetized, for there are other channels for earning.  You’re clear on having an impact!

One of my greatest lacks in life is available money.  I DON’T yet have money to pay for a course or for a coach, and I intuit there are many others that cannot either also.  The free information you share is extremely valuable for those that ARE in lack.  That’s how you’re giving without expecting, and a note that it’s not even like a jab.  It seems more like a full give.  The choice of the word ‘jab’ obviously links to Gary Vaynerchuk, and he’s the one that seeded your involvement in my life be his recommendation to you and your work.

Your interview with Ray Lewis also called home two to four days ago.  Watching your podcasts remind me of my own flaws and points where I need (and/or want) to improve.  The idea of strength-based focus is one I like, though I also want to (even if not fully openly) want to find my faults and internal damage and heal, progress, remove, and improve.  The ability to look inwards is also what THIS book is about.  I know that the Fountains Series books are about my own inner journey, and are used in my process of learning, purging, and sharing.

I also know I want to write with purpose, and that it can’t be ‘all about me’.  I know this too.  I remind myself when I write about my own intents.  The writing of Fountain books is my own therapy and acknowledgment, and though not a money source, something I like and love to do; A shifted and learned passion that I shall share.  For more purposed based work for others, I will write other books, though I note that, yes, selfishly, the books in this series are for me.

The advice of doing what we love, and finding a way to monetize it also hasn’t been fully displayed well in my heart and actions.  I have recorded a lot of music, and for a long time, I’ve wanted to earn from that.  The weird part is, I still think that my music will be an income source for my life in the future.  My own irrational nature has those instinctive urges and hints that I am doing some of the right things for the right people.  For you, Lewis, this may not reach you, though your seeds have fallen well into my awareness, and I’ll help your other seed bearers grow and produce well from my garden too.

I have a delicate balance of ego and intent, hope and faith, and also boldness and rationality.  I will do the right and good things for the world as intent, though must maintain I don’t get arrogant; that I also will keep humility and meekness while tilling good seed.  I will keep aspiring to improve and gain ground (for others as well as myself) and maintain that I keep ethical in my actions and behaviours.  I also must remember to set huge goals and be aware not all that I want to happen will necessarily occur.  (I also will remember to be patient!)

Thank you for your gift, Lewis!  With correct intent, and with people to help cultivate and develop our work, we can help others and form major things!  I know with my wants, that the good for others (and the world) will be what I can and shall work with and for.  I will help with heart, intent, and action to assist other’s lives. I also know what the core issues I would like to help and work for.  My journey through the mental health system will be an asset for others as to share my insights.  My first purpose book will be Fractured Formation to help those in the psych ward for the first time.

I’m also curious about what your severe dreams and goals are.  I hope you keep with the podcast, and note your second book’s not out yet.  I am still wanting to get your first book (Feb 2017 edit: I got The School of Greatness book and it has been an amazing seed and guidepost!)).  There are a few books that I’ve been led towards from your podcast, and I want to set the intent to read more in the next year.  This chapter then spins to my intents for the next year as I share them to you.

First, I would like to keep active with my Italian lessons.  I would like to watch one hour of inspirational learning (your podcast or others) each day to fuel my learning.  I would like to remember to breathe and to distance myself from my addictive nature with cigarettes.  I want to keep writing, and also forget not to record new tracks.  I want to practice more often my lyrical craft even if I’m not going to be a rapper or an MC.  I also have one seed planted for January 13th where I’m allowed to talk to a class of 24 about relationships and the community.

I signed my ‘Intents of my Income’ page on December 14th 2016 and will follow through with that.  I will expand my works and ideas outwards without being spammy with my marketing.  I will continue to develop my levels of patience and understanding to allow more compassion and peace.  I also will practice the idea of silence and remember to pause, stop, and restart.

I will remember to reach out to people, and I also will remain reachable by those that want to contact.  I will practice self-compassion and forgiveness, and share what I learn with others.  I also commit to working on Fractured Formation.  Those who’ve gained experience and knowledge should not hoard it to themselves (or forget to share it by neglect).

Through the next year, I hope you expand and grow too!  I hope that for all people too, Lewis, not just you.  I hope you may keep your journey of learning and sharing and creating… moving forward for the benefit of many more than a few.  Then my own thought of how fear can creep under the layers of life.  The self-doubt and questions of ‘How can I achieve my dreams?’.  That links to other SofG podcasts of how we each must keep putting in the work and persevere.

I shall not give up, for I will not allow myself to do so.  I will keep working forward, for that is what I love.  I will keep sharing my ideas, heart, and advice, for it’s what I want, and it’s probably the right thing to do!  The delicate twist of how I resist and then seem well settled within, and then the fear of mediocrity.  I’m such a muddle, yet I accept that too.

If I am to be critical of myself and my life… I’ve not really achieved much.  I’ve made a few many things, I keep working forward to learn and seed for others, and even if I’ve not much audience or distribution at this time, my foolish heart and mind seems to think that I will still expand by leaps and bounds.  I also accept that if I don’t, I’m okay with that too.  Maybe that is a crucial fault… That I think I will succeed, though am okay if I don’t.  I’m not thirsting for success like some are, yet I whimsically will keep at it believing that I shall thrive.

I need to head out for church soon… I’ll return to this chapter again soon… Time stamp for now, 4:03PM December 24th 2016.  PLU8R!!!

(Continued later on that night)

The notion of having it all is a thing I believe and work towards too.  I want to expand outwards with my work and intent, I want to get the Seed Funds progressing properly, and I do want to make connections with and between others.  The Glass House is meant to be a place for people to gather and learn and explore.  With enough support, it shall be.

(And then on Boxing Day!)

I went through your visualization exercise from episode 424… I still have a twinge of thinking that my relationship goal is one I should not persue (and I hope you know who!).  I had gone through a visualization exercise with you when you had your webinar for enlisting the 2016 School of Greatness.  Though you’re not a person that I can yet give money to, I did set intents you reminded me of today.  My own awareness is that I am not so strong on believing that I have value for others.  The purpose book that I’ll write is one that will help people, though this book and its series is so much about me.

For the next year (2017) I have set in my heart some clear things.  I do want to expand with my written work and bridging and bonding with relationships.  I do want to learn more and keep digging into learning from people online (and in person).  I also want to set the intent of having more than enough money so I can afford to buy books to read.  The Seed Fund idea is one that I’ll love to help expand and grow, and for material possessions, I do want to have a car to drive again soon.

I’m not sure what I can bring you, though, Lewis.  You’ve helped me a lot and I’ll continue to learn from you, though other than buying your book and sharing some of what you’ve made with others, it may be unbalanced due to how much you give.  Thank you for keeping your work active and available, and I wish you great kindness, love, and support.  I hope that your second book is processing well, and I commit to buying and reading that book too.

Thanks for tilling the seeds for future combined yields, and I thank you for your reminders that we can build lives we love, and that we also should share what we learn with others.  I commit to you constant work and improvement, and I wish for you full fulfillment and prosperity (and gladness) with what you want to achieve, and for those that you also want to connect with.

I may not be great, though I’m glad you push some towards working for that (and that the definition of greatness IS different between different people!)

One last thing I’ll add for this chapter, my own (for right now) three truths.

  • Life is shared and should not be hoarded.
  • Our dreams are not ours alone
  • Love is what we should aim to grow and learn (the success will follow!)

PLU8R kind dear sir!!  You exemplify what it is to be a shoulsman!!!


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