From the Valley to the Fountain – Chapter Six: What I Think You Need to Know, Rob.

CHAPTER SIX – What I Think You Need to Know, Rob.

(This chapter is written to myself for one year in the future).

Okay, Rob, the one there on January 15th, 2018.  You will not have met her yet.  You know it’s not Natalie that will have solved your problems, though the story of you and your thoughts of her may have drawn enough of the manas so that you can have started housing people.  When you wrote this, you had started your savings for the Freedom Fund, and you had honoured the Seed Fund up to that point too.  You were not yet selling online music or books, though you know those seeds must be earned (and that they have a strong potential).

I could tell you of where you were, and there is value in that to know some things of where you’ve gotten.  I have no idea where you will be financially or with your relationships, though I know that you did have a great point and intent.  It was time to get back to the plough, and ACTUALLY care and seed your own life too.  You knew that your work is not a standard hourly job, and I’ll be curious to see if you found the grips of your Freedom Solution.

When you get to read this, please (I hope and pray) you will have had an amazing trip with your Dad and Sarah and be back in 408 with your life on the line.  It was a risk to commit to seeding the future for others, and I hope you did allow yourself to share your soul and story further out than just Chilliwack.  You had started to form some marketing ideas with Facebook, and you knew a lot of what could work, I want to know what did work!

You had set a goal of 15,000 units sold per month by August 1st, 2017 and I have not a clue if you got there.  Again, you know you, and what you have done in the past year (and will be sharing the book with your lessons through the year too!).  I can tell you what I hoped, wanted, and dreamed, though you needed your own focus, intents, and actions to hone properly.  Again, since I don’t know who you are (or who you’ll be with) at the point of this, I can project to you what I wanted for you.

I want you to have found your lovestone.  I want it to be a real girl and not Natalie.  I want you to have shed the money support from your Dad and to be earning your prosperity (more than enough) without using ANY money from the government.  I want you to have learned how to listen and actively coach, help, encourage, and support others.  I also want you to have earned enough to Seed Fund at least five people.   Your goal was to have 10x people housed per month by September 31st, 2017, and I know that I didn’t have faith that would happen.  I still hadn’t known how to afford my own self (again, this is from yourself one year before, on January 15th, 2017).

I want to remind you of your intents also for the year 2017 as being a year of Restoration.  I want you too to have sorted out your own actions and behaviours and responses to have become more healthy, honest, and harmonious (even if you needed to be a bit more direct and speak from your own care).  I hope that you also gained some more solid friends that will visit and gather at your home.  When this was written, there were less than five people that you were to gather with weekly (or semi-weekly) for focus sessions.  I remind you that the Glass House is meant to be a creative and contialitic centre for building lives.  Get there!!!

Regarding financials, when written, you had $384 in your Freedom Fund and were at -$750 in your personal account.  I want this to have been fully rectified!  (Also, I want you to write another letter to yourself for one year into the future after reading this chapter (or now, you can choose)).  Remember that… that life IS a choice, and that you are the one responsible for making the life you want.  I hope that you have overcome many of your own limiting beliefs and hurdles, and the weakest link I didn’t yet have full faith you’d overcome by reading this… the ciggies.

If we skip forward to where you are now, you also will have had the fourth Fountain book published, and I wonder what the sales will have been for the ones leading up to it.  You knew that the Natalie book was a really messed up one, and I like that I knew to heed and shed the dream, even if it was still partly shackled to my heart.  When you wrote this, you still were pissed off and battling to purge the ball of filth you’ve been with having held that dream.  Don’t take yourself back there, though yes, you still needed to purge.

When you read this, I want you to know that you’re getting closer.  You’re still seven years away from when you want to build the Glass House, though if you did perform well in the year before this is dated to you, you will be able to add quite a few things to your Victory journal.  The gaining of your own self-sufficiency, the distribution and acceptance of your work (both written and recorded), and also have found a strong portion of your earned money put towards Freedom and Seed Funds.  I’ll be winter again, and I pray well you’re excited for the next year (and have set even more audacious goals than those for 2017!).  What will the 2018 word be?!!?!

The Starbucks at Cottonwood (the Catacombs reference for those that are not you) had fetched the Anthony Robbins book you started reading.  The other two books you had started (and will have completed) are The School of Greatness by Lewis, and also The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.  I don’t know yet who you’ll be reading and gleaning from, though the intent was to have about a dozen or more books read.  You still were being affected by others pushing themselves into your awareness, yet I hope you’ve learned by then to be less abused and used by the communal thought junkies.  The good ones, though, may help band and mutually support also!  (the good ones… The ones like Gabby Bernstein’s cast and crew!).

Your heart was beating quickly.  You had started to seed the ideas that other’s prosperity is what we need to heed.  The layers of text found the ground to hold and mould the well.  Will you be ready for that yet by 2018?  The magic number of $132,000 to form a well and supply food for 300 people by then… will you achieve that!?!   (You didn’t think that you would.  I hope you surprised yourself!).

The people you will have connected with are amazing!  You may still feel like you’re at the start of your journey, though remember what you DID achieve!!  You also had an extreme amount of doubt and fear that it would all be the same.  Heed your own intuition!!!   You knew you were forming a correct plan.  I also remember to use the word ‘I’ when referring to myself as I write to you in the future.

I am glad (and wishing) that you kept up with your craft.  I want to have another Fountain book made by September of 2017, and that when this section is put to your awareness in 2018, that you will look back and see how foolish, fearful, and infantile you were.  You’ll also have read this, and shared the book with many people before the intended moment of seed has resolved.  You still yearn for purpose… Key thing is, though, you knew you were finding it even when you wrote a year before.

This section of the book will have been shared with many people by the time you reached the point of when it was addressed to you.  You had been poor, and you had been yearning.  You had made commitments to the world that you will fulfill, and some of those commitments will already have resolved.  I had made the choice to refresh my prerogatives and expand.  I made the choice to share my text and voice and push outwards with the material.  I had made the 30% commitment for the money earned from books and music, and I don’t know how much will have been earned when you read this in 2018.  The journey will have terrified you.  You will have felt so many moments of doubt and fear.  Your longing for Natalie will have cleared, and the ideas that you seeded will have found fertile soil.

Some homework for you!!  Please get a new life book.  Get a new book and write down your current situation on the first page.  Then on the second page, write down the list of what you did achieve in 2017.  Let yourself dream and appreciate what you have achieved, and clarify what you want to achieve by the point of your next Fountain book.  I also ask you to go back and reread and make an edit (again) of Finding Natalie, Searching for Tomorrow, this book, and the other one (or two) that have been formed for this series.  This will be a three-day process, yet you can do that after putting your book you formed with the daily two thousand words online.

After you are done reading through all the Fountain books, write a chapter to your Mom and your Dad as a shared double noded chapter to them both.  Include this as a chapter in the Fountain book you are working on when this nodes.  You knew you needed to run your own life, though you also knew that they (your parents) would be even more important in your life than you had yet known.  (It will be scary to have let them know how much you can (and will) actually accomplish).

For the first two books, I’m not clear on to how much you should have pushed them.  The series is not (as you thought) to be a major commercial release, and you also seemed to denounce yourself again.  I hope you made the effort to distribute, and I also (now thinking) want you to have completed the book you started called Fractured Formation.  Continue to keep the purpose in what you write, and not just for yourself and those you know.  Remember to dream and think outside of your own personal perspective!!!

(Two days later; January 17th, 2017)

The links to the drinks shall find the sink’s in the corner of the home and will let you speak about how you went to Rome.  The Sistine chapel a place you will have gone to about a year from when this is meant to be read by you.  The day before writing, you had written the fifth 2k words for the gathering book.  You wrote of your vision for the future, and I note that you’re not fully there yet, though a lot closer.

The intents and ideas you have of gathering global income and sharing it within your current community is a good one; for more than just yourself.  Point!  Xp.

Then do I tell you where you were, where I want you to go, or where I think you’ll have traveled?  You hadn’t yet formed your 100 points of things to do yet.  That will clear in the gathering book, and I won’t write too much of what you had been doing right now.  What I want you to do is to keep seeding, reaping, and sowing more.  You will be at your apartment for another seven years and I hope you did, in fact, make solid progress on paying the mortgage.  You had set a goal to have the mortgage cleared by two and a bit weeks ago.  Did you get there!?!?

I also don’t want to tell you what I was wanting you to do, yet think of what I want to tell you to still do.  Keep working on your creative projects.  Keep learning and reading.  Keep in contact with people and remember that your friends and contacts are the ones who are letting you live this life.  Be glad for it, and remember to be grateful and openly thankful to and for them.  I hope you have found your path more clearly.  You had the idea to start gatherings more frequently at your home.  What were the results of those meetings?

This chapter was stopped short.  The moments of the present have sent the intent to rewind and find that kinds of things like rings are on the pings of the Saturn lantern and how there is concern about how much you had burned.  Though this has turned into the text from the next year, I thank you for letting yourself clear the issues and fears so that the tears need not be shed by those who may have wished us misled.

Keep clear and true, as there are so many and so few that will renew the facts from you pacts made more than a year ago.  You know that you have grown, and please allow yourself to share that you have known.  Do not keep the ideas and information to yourself, please be sure to find the kin to keep the hearts well on the shelf.

Love, light, luck, and life… You may have been starting to change your behavior, and I want to know how you’ve resolved your own heart.  Please let me know that you freed the dreams into how the tribes and teams will find the reams of text to help the other Whelps in the consects.



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