From the Valley to the Fountain – Chapter Eight: Another Message to God…

By neglect, I forgot to post the closing chapters of From the Valley to the Fountain onto this blog in the past six days.  Remembering the alternate title of the book Alive, But Not Forgotten.

CHAPTER EIGHT – Another Message to God…

Okay, Lord… Some people might be a bit put off from me writing to You, though that’s as it is.  I have made a covenant and contract with You, and note I sometimes have neglected correct action and intent.  I ask that You continue to guide me in the ways You have, and I thank You for the grace and blessings (and abilities and gifts) that You’ve given me, both past, present, and future.

I had written to You in Searching for Tomorrow also, and think to include a chapter written to You in each Fountain book.  The idea I have of doing so may restrict the distribution of my work as a lot of people are put off by religious ideas and intent.  I have concern for Your church on Earth.  I note You keep Your will clear and focal in life, and I also don’t minimize the fact that You are not the only one at work in the Spiritual realms.  I will honour those that work for you, though I do have fear of the Eldrazi reference I made.  It’s from my (obscure) belief that there are energies and spirits within the church that have corrupted some of the institutions that are made in Your (and Your son’s) name.

There is the case that I also had associated the Orzhov guild with the church from the money links and issues with the church.  I fear corruption and greed from churches and the humans that work and run them.  I have the fear that humans may not always be clear of what IS true, and I also note that some humans may think they are in line with You and your principles and Your Word, though have been misled.  I’m not one who’s so often thought of the Devil and the forces of below, though some awareness was gleaned last night at a church meeting.  I will go to the gathering tonight with a skeptical attitude due to the intuitions and fears I have of corruption within the very institution that is a focal part of my being.

To shift from fears of corruption and doubt in the humans that claim to work for you, to between you and I.  I thank You for the dream you gave me about True.  I know she is in my heart, and I also note that I will honour her fully and let her make her own choices.  I thank You for the insight and intuition you have given me about people.  Though I may be hesitant to call out some I think are working for hell, I too note that I will heed the wisdom to not make assumptions or be reactive to what I believe to be true.  I know I too have been fooled and misdirected often by both human and other spiritual forces.

I may not attempt to wield the name of Your son, though I do honour him, and still don’t fully comprehend how His and Your sacrifice can save an entire world.  I will learn more.  I thank you for Victory Church and for the guidance and intuition that is formed there.  (I also thank you for last night there and the insight into who ARE true and loyal to You (and Jesus)).  I will strengthen my bonds with them.  The Eldrazi reference makes more sense now in that there are some deceptive forces that have corrupted some.  Just because a person attends church, or preaches Jesus’ name, it doesn’t mean they are true, pure, good, and holy.  The reminder of the saying that “Even the Devil believes in Jesus.”

I also apologize to You for getting too focused on my ambitions and goals.  I have been very overbearing on pushing my works and may have been trying to force my process.  Your will be done and formed here on Earth, as well as the other parts of the cosmos.   I yield to you, God, and note that I still will learn more of what is best for Earth through Your guidance.  The reminder from Ian Green about how we are to advocate and work and draw souls into the Kingdom of Heaven that is to remain here on Earth.

I also know not how many of my memories You know.  I haven’t yet fathomed how You can know explicitly every thought, word, deed, and action of EVERY being (not just the humans).  I can’t yet even know MY entire life, let alone the idea of omniscience that holds literally EVERY thing and person that has, or will, exist.  It’s a pretty cool concept!

For the next few years, I will allow and accept the process.  I will learn to heed You more clearly, and I thank You for the grace and wisdom You have, and will have, given.  I commit to working for the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth, and I also remember that I am one who will help with bringing wayward souls into devotion to and for You also.  I know I am very young and infantile in my walk with Christ, and I note my understanding of Jesus, is NOT very strong or clear yet.  The meeting last night, though, did remind me of my devotion to You and the gladness to be allied to and for The Holy Spirit.  I thank You for that guidance and intuition!

Sooo… For today (January 23rd, 2017), I am out at Decades to meet with Lynn later.  I am glad that she is part of my life and process, and I’m very glad to have access to time and my computer today.  I thank You for allowing me to continue my journey and process (of both spirit and life) and I ask that a continuation of Earth will be allowed for millennia to follow.  My confidence in what is true and right will grow, and I am glad to know of the signs that have been granted as to what is the correct action, and WHO the real allies of heaven are.

I also ask for Your guidance as to who to create and write for.  I ask You to let me know what to create, and also that I keep my heart together, glad, and well.  Please let our allies grow and learn to love and appreciate (and support) each other also.  You know I have my own fears and doubts, though those will cleanse as I gain faith and (spiritual) strength.  It’s not so easy to be on Earth when it seems to be a battleground, though I will keep active and engaged in the process of saving people also.  I thank You for your guidance and protection, and I request too that people’s hearts may be in line with working for You and the Kingdom of Heaven, as well as the other Earthlings that have Your work to perform on this planet also.

I also wonder about my smoking and You.  If all things are under your control (which it seems with some things, that there are other forces) I thank You for always allowing me enough, even with my smoking addiction/habit.  The jest of ‘holy smokes’ one I was thinking of the day I wrote this to You.  I also think of the video of the person more than 100 years old and how they smoked ciggies.  It’s a thing I’ve been wondering about.  If You’ve allowed me enough to smoke, I also wonder, or rather, thank You for the grace (and resources) you’ve allowed me to do so.

(Shift to a few hours later)

The ministry we shall assist to be will find kindness and truth as the key.  Though youth does include me, there is the fact that a pact made to heaven above will share how the unleven bread is to remind us to also love.  The dove that cries lullabies will that The Spirit vies for our success to press on and persevere.  This will be a full creative and influential year.  I ask that You keep us each dear to each other’s hearts and that we can find our mothers to discern the misguided parts.

The starting is not easy, always, to finish.  The wishes and the fishes shall also let us know that there is union formed with the flow.  Though I am, sometimes, a channel for You, I also want to remind others that it’s by grace that I am allowed to do what I do.  It may take a few years to cleanse some of the issues and fears, yet as our destiny nears the point of then, we shall find the kindness surround us with real lovestones and shoulsmen.  The clarity of what has been spun on the web with the TrueCyberEbb is partly what I must do for You for reminding others of what, and how, I do some of what I do.  You let me come from True, to the point of finding my lovestone, even if now with the one I knew.

I thank You for the grace and guidance, and for letting Morris pastor many more than a few, as he works for You, and I’m learning how to too.  Please let my work and craft be honed in on how to remove the sin and wind the correct thread to stich together many more than a few that have yet to meet, to become kind and good, and closer than kin.  Let the spin of the text be what You also allow to be clear, organized, and true, even when another dissects it.  The tonects of voice will share the choice made to let the drinks be played, yet the prices paid will have allowed others to have laid down to rest in their own home and nest.

(And then continued January 24th, 2017)

And if we are to ask You for things we wish to do or have, I petition this to You (and the others that read this also).

Please allow the Seed Funds to be fueled by that I create.  Please allow us to meet people that we will be glad to work with and for.  Let us abet many more than a few with what we may teach.  Please allow us to learn and burn less, and please let me evolve and develop my abilities to work, and write clearly, ideas that will help advance lives of many more than a few.  Please allow me to find other people’s Freedom Solutions and also heed and respect the wills and want of others, and not just Yourself.  Please allow people’s needs to be met, and instill in people’s hearts the want to help others too.

Allow the fields be seeded and tended (and harvested) for many more than just our local community.  Allow my works to be a benefit for many, and that that that I’ve created, and have yet to create, have a positive effect on people’s lives.  Let each person find their own passions and abilities to be known, and shared, and that we may all work together for the betterment of life.  Please allow us each to be truly cared for and loved by many more than a few, and that we can have developed hearts and lives that can help mutually support more people than we can yet believe.

Let people be guarded, protected, and saved.  Let us be bold, confident, and sure (and right) in our beliefs and actions to form solid foundations upon Your promises to us.  Let us learn and discern what IS true and fact, and be sure to allow me to form pacts and covenant with and for many people that I shall fully honour.  Please let us not forget to tend to the things that we will need for our own selves to be able to help others.  Allow us our strength and devotion to become sure and solid so that we can be pillars of support in our own lives, our local communities, and also for other nations on Earth.

Please let PLU8R remain and be a guiding motive for me.  Please remind me what I am to do, and give me signs and direction as to what the correct actions are for me to make.  Please let  The Holy Spirit use my words (written, recorded, and spoken) be good light and water for the seeds that others have planted.  Allow me to tend the fields and gardens of life with the intent to share that I shall yield and harvest from my own works.  Allow me to be a conduit of good life and that my cup overflow, even when I shall share from my own cup for the lives of others.

I also repent for my own self-focused nature and for not being fully confident in my faith that you will help provide for many through my own projects.  I thank You for giving and allowing me the skills, connections, and intuition as to what to do, and also for who.  I am a very self-focused person, though I thank You for using that that I have created to remind me of what has been allowed to have been ploughed into the fields for combined yields.

I repent for not heeding Your guidance so often, and I thank You for the grace and kindness You have shown me up to now, and for the bold choices that will be made to assure that I am to keep as a vassal for many more than a few.  Though I may not have a clear path in my own mind, I am glad that You keep me in line with your own signs given to me through others on this planet.  Thank You for allowing me to breathe, and thank You for making me exactly who I am.

Forever and a day I shall thank You for that You have allowed, and pray now at the close of this chapter that others too will have helped ploughed an amazing life for a multitude of people that shall be brought to the fountains of life from your guidance and seed that I shall help learn, share and heed.



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