Alternate Channels (Hold the Phone!!)

A super quick post before I go to sleep (and while the coffee brews for the morning!)

I have been deep in process for the past couple months and haven’t written new material on this blog recently.  I have added chapters for some book work, though a fresh report (on WordPress) hasn’t happened recently.

I may be a bit scattered, though there have been quite a few seeds tilled in my own (and other’s) gardens and the fields.  My own metaphors and codes are latent in parts of what I’ve done and written, so I want to use this post to share some of what I HAVE been doing.

From Jack Canfield’s books and work, I’ve taken some ideas and fused them into my life (from his book The Success Principles) with two key points and parts.  The idea (principle) of 100% commitment is one that I’ve used for two daily activities.  Every day I have studied Italian for one hour, and every day I have read for one hour.  Jack links with two other key things in my work and life by how he has a retreat in Tuscany in June (that I’d love to plot and plan a way into attending) and also (I had forgotten) I had sent book books to him too.

I have also (bleakly) started to work towards my health goal of being able to run 2km without stopping by September 15th this year.  I’ve only gone out onto the road just under half a dozen times, though for four of those runs (and walks) I’ve used 5lb weights on my ankles.  Using the weights has damaged both of my pairs of shoes, so I will be getting a new pair of shoes to run in some time in the future (so that I can use the weights again).

I also sold the first online copy of Fragments of Intent (this is the link to CreateSpace for it!).  I’ve had a few conversations with people that have wanted to publish their own book after asking me how I published mine. is the site I’ve used for my books and it’s an exceptionally great program/site to use!!  (The site is free and the only costs involved are when one wants to order their own physical copies or proofs of the books).

Book wise, there are now five books of mine online (Book book link!) and in the past three days I’ve written another three chapters for the next book Seeds of Tomorrow.  I had a conversation with my Dad where I told him that I wanted to stay up late and actually get to work (writing) instead of the #adulting thing to do (which would be going to bed early).  That night I formed chapters two and three of Seeds of Tomorrow (the fourth Fountain).

I’ve also neglected and used Facebook live recently.  With many practices I’ve used and tried, I’ve not been great at my consistency.  This has been shown with this blog and also how I will record videos only some nights, and also not at a regular time.  I’ve not been using Instagram very well either (using the stories feature (or direct messaging (or even daily checking in with the people I follow))).  This part is one that I’d like to make changes with.


Instead of saying what I’m doing wrong, what would I like to change and do right!?!!

I’d like to daily follow and view all the Instagram stories of people I follow.  I’d like to (at minimum) record a Facebook video (this is done on the Secret Stash page, not publically) once every two days.  I would like to make a post every other day (or more) on this blog (even if just as a way to track and document my process).  I also want to do more pushups!!!

For reading, I have been in a few books.  I share this link too now (to the site as a way to track what books I’ve read (and am reading) and recommend that site for yourself too.  It’s a site where books can be shared, recommended, and reviewed, and the site also will allow us to share our progress of what we’ve read, what we’re reading, and what we’d like to read.  It’s not quite a ‘Facebook for books’ though is a site that caught part of my interest.

It’s 12:30AM now… I think to close this quickly…

Main points:

  • 100% committment to positive habits is crucial.
  • The books are being formed and worked on.
  • There still is a lot more I will need to do and commit to to move further forward.

One closing request (people say to put a call to action at the end of every post (and I don’t like the sneakiness of (some) marketing)).

Please allow yourself to assist people with their work and dreams (even if you don’t know them!!)





















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