Seeds of Tomorrow (Fountain Four) – Chapter Seven – Rebuttal to the Process

CHAPTER SEVEN – Rebuttal to the Process

 I was on a car ride and trip to Surrey a few days ago.  I was given a great deal of advice and feedback from a friend that gave me some perspective.  They seem to think I didn’t glean what they were trying to tell me, though I did take a lot from what they shared.  They had told me some things about what I have been doing with my books and Facebook posts, and I agree with some of their points.  I should not be using Seed Fund ideas as marketing leverage to earn money and sales.  If I am going to give back, I must do that secondarily and might even have more sales if I advocate for personal financial gains (and not using the idea of the Fund to market).

Their advice gave me some insight into how I know I have been quite pushy and money focused, and that by ‘trying’ to be transparent, I was actually being a bit scummy.  When I’ve been saying that I’m not creating for money, though want to earn with what I’ve created, there is a contradiction.  If I am going to work to earn money, then I should explicitly (maybe) make the focus of sales more pronounced.  I also wonder what will happen if I shift to becoming money focused for my own sake (and keep my charitable work secret as they suggested).

I had made a post on Facebook two days ago asking for $ support to order more books.  The friend that gave me the bundle of advice told me that they thought I didn’t listen to anything they said.  I know that I did take a lot away from the conversation, just maybe not what they wanted me to take away.  They think that my ordering of books is a waste and that I should just get my own book binding equipment and print at home.

Their conversations advice also called a reminder that for someone to actually give money for a book, let alone the time commitment to read it, is in some cases asking for too much from someone.  They think that I should NOT be pushing book sales and that it’s asking for too much.  From this conversation (in retrospect) maybe I should not just let another dominate and conversation and actually speak up my own points.  I said barely a word (because I wanted to hear what they were saying), though maybe I should have let them know more of my own opinions instead of passively taking in everything they were saying.

In a different conversation with the same friend a few days before, they said they think I should post often on a blog and monetize by posting ads on the page.  I don’t like this idea, though maybe I should have been direct with them and say that I really don’t like it.  Earning pennies on ads, and also having ads on my blog is not something I want.  I barely have any followers with my blog, and I also note that I may be a bit stubborn with adapting to others input.

I also call the idea of how so many people will tell us what they think we should do, though we must keep true to ourselves.  The idea of using my blog more to share ideas in snippets (a two to five minute read compared to an entire book) is a very valid point, and the fact that if I do write more often (and garner higher viewership) that also could help with the books and music.  There also is the idea of people passively supporting (with a banner ad click or a like or share) would expand the reach.

There is a great value in hearing other people’s ideas, feedback, and opinions of our work or activities.  I now know that some people think I’m sleazy for pushing books and money ideas out there to the world.  Maybe I was not being true enough to myself… Maybe I was deluding myself about my own intent.  I like hearing other people’s input about my process and work.  It helps me adjust and restructure what I am doing, and also crucially how and why I’m doing what I do.

I also must stay true to myself and my own prerogatives.

I have not been very good at selling books, and the feedback given on the Surrey trip was that I was preaching what I was doing as having altruistic motives.  I had been telling people about the Seed Fund, and I also know I had an edgy feeling that I was being manipulative by pushing the idea.  I will keep my commitment made in my Intents of Income declaration, though I must be more withheld about sharing the Seed Fund idea.  Maybe it is true that people will be more accepting of me pushing for sales of books if I claim it as personal gain and not what will be done with the money.  Is it more palatable to push for my own personal gain than to work for a cause?

There also have been some key people and supports that have encouraged me to continue doing what I do.  The post that I made two nights ago (and some additional messages) have found three people that are okay to put $50 each towards ordering copies of the books!  This will allow 15-17x books to be brought into Chilliwack.  I have (some) ideas as to why I want books (to put some in a local store, to bring the Fragments of Intent book to Coles for review, and to bring Fragments and Shared Node to the library).

I also wonder if (since my intents are different than some) that that may be why some people don’t understand what I am doing and why.  Even if we know our own true and honest intents, we must also accept that we may be viewed through the lens of another’s perspective.  This is where I think books are the way to go!  If readers do buy a copy of a book (and actually read it) those who write can share a fantastic amount of information and also share more clearly a clarified explanation.

My Fountains books’ audience is an extremely narrow group of people, though I also (personally) believe in the power of a small few to do the great work of many.  If you are reading this book, you’ve given me a great deal more than just the cost of a book.  You’ve given me (in a weird way) a chance to learn, grow, develop, and share ideas that some others might not give chance to hear or be open to.

I’m still not a big fan of push promotion advertising.  I don’t know what the tipping point was for you buying this book, though hope it was because you wanted to, and not because you thought you had to.  There are a few people that did chip in $ to buy books from me that, then, didn’t read the books that they bought.  It’s nice to have made a sale, yet there’s the case that sometimes the value I’m searching for is to be read, and not just to have received money.  The differentiation of how there are some people I really want to share the books with, even at my own cost.

Knowing our own intents is vital!!  We need to know why we are doing things so that we can act ethically to our own prerogatives.  I want to work and share my process.  I also want to find my own prosperity and self-sufficiency.  Knowing what we want also should be supported with how we gain those things.  I think the Surrey friend was right in that my intents were out of line.  I was pushing Seed ideas to generate sales.  Maybe the Seed Fund idea should be a byproduct of what I do.  If I assure my own prosperity, then I can share, instead of saying I’ll share so that people will buy my books.

Jack’s idea of E+R=O might want to add the variable of ‘I’ for intent.  The ‘E’ event and our ‘R’ response (I think) should be coupled with ‘I’ intent to get the ‘O’ outcome.  We might have the right intent, though if our response is off, it doesn’t guarantee the wanted outcome.  If our Intent is off, then we also might be doing the right things, just not achieving the outcome we want.  We need to be in line with our own values to act in the ways that are right for us to find the personal results (outcomes) that we want.

The right things, at the right time, for the right reason!

The part about the right people is also part of it.  When I have doubts about people and their honest intents, then I can be put off from welcoming them into my life.  If I know that someone is working with correct and proper intent, I also note I will have more grace and gladness for them and want to help them, even if there are other issues.  As a note, for right now, I’m not clear or knowing what the Surrey friends intent was.  I should give them a call.

They think that ordering books is a waste of money and that if I’m running a marathon that I’m shooting myself in the foot before I run.  (I’ll come back to this tomorrow…)

April 3rd, 2017 @ 11:54 PM.  Italian lessons not done yet, though the one hour of reading (and a play of Eric Thomas on Lewis Howes’ podcast) complete.  I focus.  I hone.  I develop.  I craft.

We need to know what is good for ourselves.  We need to know what is ‘right’ for ourselves.  We must remember that others goals, lives, and opinions of success are THEIRS to own, and not our responsibility.  WE are our own responsibilities.  I know that MY best time to work (my writing) is late at night after I’ve had time to gather my ideas, experiences, and energies.

Some people believe strongly in waking up early and getting to work right away.  This IS a great way to live, though I am not one of those people.  I am a person that will extend and push myself and my own boundaries of ability.  I even think that I haven’t been accomplishing very much recently, though that also fuels me to stay up late and work.  I would prefer to keep at the plough and work towards the future and tap myself out, and then recover.

This ‘tapping out’ is a Magic:The Gathering term of when a player is out of available mana.  There are few things that can be done without mana in the game.  Mana is used to fuel spells and abilities.  I tap out often with my finances other…  I have often overextended myself and then hope to recover later in the future.  I don’t like this feast and famine attitude (or rather behaviour, not attitude) and it does cross over to how I work too.  Going to sleep early is to me sometimes almost to quitting.  I would prefer to tap out and use all my energy, and then miss parts of the next day.  Some Magic players would also note though that I don’t want to pass my turn.

I have a strange and weird belief that if I keep pushing myself (and my process) there can be a positive result.  I know I am far more productive at night, and that fact has been with me for many years.  I know it’s not healthy to stay up very late ever night, though I also know that I really really want to get my work done.  I don’t know the answer to this question fully, though is it not a great idea to really dig into my work and form my ideas when actually inspired instead of just passively doing what the world thinks I should do?

I’ve been digging into Jack Canfield’s book for a second read, and the principles he teaches are really crunching into my own belief, heart, and intent.  While the Surrey friends opinion is that it’s asking too much for people to actually pay for my book(s) AND read it (them), couple Jack’s opinion of the principles of “Ask!  Ask!  Ask!” and “Reject Rejection” do fuel me and remind me that there are billions of people on this planet that my work will help and may be amazingly good for them.  I know I am open to criticism and guidance, though I also know I will not give up and that I am also willing to pay the price.

I also know that I want to get to the point that I’ve told so many about, the point of giving others feedback (since I get so little myself up to now) and also give some valuable advice and information that people can use to improve their lives.  Going back to how some people don’t think I should be pushing my work and books at people, I also know that as these Fountains books develop and progress (and that I purge so many of the bits that are still twanged in my being) I will get to the point of giving back.

For your life, the advice I’ve heard and read that we need to get ourselves sorted out first before we can help also applies to you.  I know that my first few books will not generate lots of money, and that there are very few that will read what I’ve written, though I’ve only been writing for a short few years.  There is still so much more (and vary many different topics for the books) that I will write.  I know (and accept) that my audience has not yet been earned, though I also have said and written that I know that the Fountains books are very selfish and part of my own healing process.  (Then remember, Rob, how many friends have said to create for yourself and not others and money).

Anyhow…  The wish that quite a few people I’ve learned from that people can become more self-aware has been the case with myself.  I’m at the point now where I do know a lot more about myself and why I do what I do.  I have clarified my intent, and though it took forming five books to get to the point of actually finding my knowledge and clarity (and faith) that I have some ideas (and care) that can help others, I’m impatient about getting to writing more.

I also want to carry my intents, process, and follow through with my creative works.  This book is meant to direct a secret guidance through a sense of knowing that I had been a muddle that was sometimes too accepting to form a rebuttal.  I am honestly so clearly lost to the cost of what has bossed around the heart that I can clearly again remind us that we’re always before the next certain start.  Though the curtains may cart the second act away, it on the third part of the play that we find how you too shall help learn, love, live, thrive, create, play and pray.

Maybe it is my fault of not caring if I earn a cent.  My intents and declarations give me something to work for.  The fact that some want to close the door on me for telling others what I have committed to also reminds me that there are some people that will assure I also can help other people live lives they can and will love that will allow us to be free.

You may not believe I heard or listened, yet perchance too you seem not to know that my heart soaked in more than you intended me to know.  The facts of my own pacts, though, may twist some of your ideas into how I know the fields will grow.


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