Some Flowetics (Since I’ve not recently!)

I’ve neglected to have connected the keys into the ease of the rhymes.  Though some dimes drop in on the vert ramp, they exert the damp substrate to eloquence of the fences of rhyme they dig under to climb.  Though you read these seeds of rhyme, be sure the needs of above will share the airwaves with Dave’s nephew to cue up the track to how I bought a pack today.  The smigs, not crads, yet the grads were at the church yesterday.  Though we find the perch relay some text, the ideas of the Wry’s birch next lines into the signs of the trampoline.

A keen green insight into how people barely have read what I write, I still keep the sands of sleep in the might and Magic to sleight the Tajik into the view of some crews.  The fuse of the bomb dines upon the pslam with the myth of the palm trees to calm the mp3s into the symbiosis of these words and the birds that cross the loss of how I used to toss.  Still too recent to floss the idea into the meld of that held in the weld, yet gelled the belief of the leaf and how they too know the quest is to have let the nest be blessed.

I don’t think I care about where the pages go to Tai Tam Do and how they don’t have a clue about how or who with the cue to speak into the 3 points left up for the Leak.  They may have a Force of Will, yet Daze the Maze not as the plan is deeper than the plot of the creeper they brought.  A knot ties the guise into the rise of the dove into the sterling glove of drink you link.  Smunk the skunk into the view of one to scunge not for they’ll always have enough pot.

Though the thoughts radiate in the state of how then is now with the cow to moo at the screen, there is a link to Mr. Bean and Zayne in the way the days and nights cross the sights without being in the sights of the cross.  A loss of the node to find the ode in the web of the True Cyber Ebb and the lands they use to fuse the cues to lasting dues as the choice is to choose to not let them be in the news.

Crews note the boat to trine the goat as the coat of alarms shares the 4 star general being Master-P in the arms of the leg to Meg and Keg the cleaver with a Canadian receiver to hold the true to you with the violet hue.  Some try to do, and I wish they will not, as the plan of the sequence will remind you that the plan is stronger than the plot.  Maybe I should tell a story to reverse the angle of the tangled webs of deceit that actually match the beat.

Hatch the treat of the bird to find the kind words of the thirds in quadratic measure to pleasure the MindSound with the tastes that surround the sweet with a different cleat to the dock as I hear the sounds of the rock.   A link to Spoke from Jaert and Dave’s knowing talk of the line that share the signals and sign.  A corner of the rhyme knows the flows are in trine, yet four more to The Score will show Clef to chef the open door to future events that Lewis helps with intents.

To live and thrive and rememer the sacred drive to the four of the two with the flux from them and not you.  A gem to the blue with the True in the view of how I absoluely am me and can never be you.  Sever the noose around my throat with a note to hope the toting of the line in a shared sequence and sign.  Twenty Four after nine aids the dimenstion to the line, yet the half is not there even if the words were stilli in the air.

A pair of dove in the shove agaisnt the vents of the puppies intents.  They called them the rents, yet the note of the Steam hold a dream to the deam as they did make me scream.  I get pissed off not from the plot as they keep away from the dot, and though some ought to convey there are some who try to plumb what I say.  Five entites eased onto the page with 14 legs on the stage.  Maybe only twelve as the owner of the other two delve into the trip of how the CDs shall not skip.

A blip on the lawn shows a series of how I note the depths of the swan carry a line to what’s gone on without any of us knowing.  Sowing the reeds of how the needs shall be met also signal a Seed to the vet instead of the thought of the pet.  And yet still to chill around a bong and make ideas for ‘CHONG HONG!’ there is the truth of our youth to share how I was only in grade six when I had lost my front tooth.


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