I Have to Wait Three Minutes…

I went 24 hours without ‘working’ today.  A full free day.  A free day is when zero activities are done for work, or in my case, creative formation.  My work is not, by many, considered work, though there is a lot involved with my creative process.  I work on the base writing, forming, and editing of books.  I organize websites and make (some) blog posts now and then.  I haven’t recorded much recently, though I do distribute CDs to some people as wares to share for free.

I’m working on a book about relationships called Beautiful, Do You Mind? (The first chapter found through this link) and love the way it is forming!  The chapter titles are like the first meeting between two people (more so like guy-to-gal) and have been dredging up some ethical principles and my own beliefs about coupling.  I share some of my past histories at the start of the book and see that ideas are navigating a different path for the reader.  The book will require some serious revision and editing, and I think to hire a professional for that when it’s written.

The Fido gals have been amazing to me too!  They have been contacts that I often will drop in and say ‘hi’ to at the malls.  They have a few of my books and a few of my CDs and also have helped me with some therapy (by letting me talk about my life and work).  The manager of the shop also gave me the idea and advice to make bookmarks.  I printed and cut up about 300x bookmarks and also gave some of the bookmarks to The Bookman, a local bookstore.

For my online work, I set up a Patreon account where people can pledge and become patrons to follow the book and music process.  A $3/month donation will allow people full digital access to what has already formed and the subsequent books as they form.  For higher level donations, people will be able to message me while the books are forming and request the PDF files of the books in mid-form too!  The first patron has yet to sign up when I had written this, though I think it’s an amazing program.  (Please view the Patreon site through this link!)

With the music, the Bandcamp page is still the main page, though some CDs I’ve been sharing are files that I cannot sell online.  There is one CD/file that I love a lot called Sediment of Intent that is a one-hour one-take freeform on a liquid drum and bass download called Illusions of Existence from a group called Fluidified (SoundCloud Link for the base file).  The file carries an energy that seeps well into the tapestries of sound and drew quite a few different energies from me also.  I will not sell these discs, though will share them with anyone who wants one.  I also have used some Ambispheric mixes (there are 56x 1hr+ downloadable drum and bass mixes through this link) and have another one hour file called A Yellow Overtone Seed.

One link I think I’ve not shared with people on this WordPress page is the actual Introverial/KoyichDigital website.  www.KoyichDigital.com is where I started gathering some of the components that have helped me (started in December 2016), and though I would like to add a lot more to the music and podcast pages, I have tracked the books I’ve read from 2016-2017.  I acknowledge a few key online mentors that help me and will tend to the KD web page as it, and I, evolve.  It’s a full work in progress, though will be very helpful.  (Three of my books are also found for free PDF download).

Another activity that I’ve neglected is making Facebook live and YouTube videos.  I have some YouTube videos online, though think to reset the parameters and start posting videos to a new channel.  There are some recordings from 2-5 years ago, though I think a reset and renew may be a good idea.  It was the case I would record cigarette monolouges online, though those will need to be curated properly and not just as anything goes (which may be the right choice, I don’t know).

Anyhow… I went 24 hours without plugging away at the creative work, and it was not so easy.  I yearn to create, communicate, and share and will deepen my commitment and process to doing so.  It will be amazing, great, and rad to actually gain a wider viewership and audience, though I note that not having such (yet) is also from my (still) lack of consistency of marketing and self-promotion.  I really need to get past that!!

Sooo… After waiting until midnight hit to get back to my work, I wish you to keep well with yours too!!  I know that with no standard full-time job I am poor money wise, though the rewards of doing what I love and creating some pretty cool and amazing things might actually allow me my solution to freedom.  We shall see.

Love, light, and luck!!!



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