When You Commit to Something, You Better Mean it.

Which is why I’m sometimes reluctant to commit.  When people make a promise to do something, KEEP THAT PROMISE!!!

I found an idea tonight that think goes back to the four circles, specifically, that that the world needs.


I think that crucially is where my purpose point may lie.  Ethics.  The world needs (from my opinion) ethics.  I know I am still a very flawed human being, though I know the value that I place on integrity, and though I may know where I am lacking integrity, I think that I understand it’s value and importance.

I will not go waving fingers in this post.  I just think that my pre-post clarity is that as I learn ethical principles, that I will learn to articulate them, share them, and hopefully propagate their use like a dandelion.  This may be a bold claim, yet I hope in the fact it shall come to pass.

In Fields of Formation, I wrote a chapter of secular repentance.  I acknowledge quite a few of my faults and flaws, and I also wrote of some of my positive points.  The fact of having a strong moral compass (even if I get lost so often) also is a valuable thing to have.  I sometimes don’t know when I’ve gone off course, yet sometimes, to me, it’s exceptionally clear to know when another also is lying and deceiving me.  We know that we can spot crooks, it’s just that we can’t always call them out because they are professional spin artists.

Back to positive… It’s also sooooooo amazingly cool when we meet and recognize fully ethical people!!  It seems rare, though.  Maybe I just don’t know enough good people.

A fault I have is being overly self-focused and critical.  Often I can dismantle myself and my work and openly (and to some people’s liking, too often) tear myself down by admitting a bunch of negative things about myself.  I have the idea that I’d prefer to look worse than I actually am.  I don’t want to promote fully my negative traits, though I also would prefer to not act like all is good and true when it explicitly is not.  I’d prefer to reveal my own faults and challenges and note that I cannot always do the same for others.  What, though, if I could instill some seeds that will help other people by changing people’s behaviours and morals to be more harmonious?

I cannot call out people for their bad or poor actions often.  That would be defacing their character and also could be seen as slander (even if true).  I can shred myself apart, though that’s my choice to do so.  I face my own consequences.  My vindictive part of myself wishes that I could call out others on their lies, ruse, and abuse, and when I get pushed far enough, sometimes I do.  If they do, though, change their behaviours and be decent human beings, then there will be nothing to complain of.

The idea of a groundwire is one that floated into my mind, and I think I wrote about it already.  Each person should have a friend that they can vent and complain and purge all the negativity from themselves to keep their own being more clean and clear.  The groundwire friend that will not be zapped by the negativity, yet rather be a safe person to let the negativity be channeled and returned to a neutral state.  I have one primary groundwire in my life and I will no longer get to meet her after another month or so.

I will use my books as a conduit for recommendations and advice.  BDYM is all about relationships and the right reasons and I also note that Built from Within will carry value in helping others see (and create within) the world in new and interesting ways.  The combination of some of what I form takes different angles and topics to help heal some lives, call out the lies and deceits of myself and others, and I also will be sharing some things that will help others find solutions to their issues.

The sharing of information and being a positive person in the lives of many is an objective that I wish more people will actually achieve.  My purpose too is to give the skills and ideas for people to find their own pathways towards happiness and truth in ways that they will like and love.  The layer of revealing what is true and then what to do about it may be that fourth circle I need to centre in all four.

Anyhow… Where this post also started was the idea from Ali a long time ago about making a commitment to post each night.  If I make a promise to post each night, then I must.  Commitments can be changed and altered, it’s just more difficult with the ones we make to ourselves as we have less accountability.  Frequent failures of not following through with our own personal commitments (even if not to others) also can lead to waning self-worth and esteem issues.

Do the right things, for the right reasons, at the right time (and for the right people!)

Anyhow… I need to be ready for pickup tomorrow early afternoon.  I have 2x books to relay onto a dear friend who helped me order copies into town.  I have no physical books to share or sell right now, though do have the 2x copies that they helped me with.

Do not be deceived.  The lies are everywhere.



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