What’s the Next Step?

I went away for the weekend to a family party in Edmonton.  The trip was rad, wonderful, amazing, and exceptionally diverse in the feelings, thoughts, energies, and attitudes I perceived.  There was a great deal of love and kindness, some deep levels of homage and learning, and there also was a great deal of fear and nervousness of the trip (the airports and drives to and from the airports) too.

I’m exceptionally glad to report that I’m now at home again and glad to be here.  The question, though, what’s the next step?

This morning I woke up late and one of the first things I did was to adjust the Patreon site I have online (link here).  The site is where I hope to gather some support for the creative projects (books and music) with people to pledge $1-$5 a month to help with financing my work.  The offerings found through the site are access to books, music, and other creative work as it forms.

I also am now back to the point where I’m not so clear on the marketing and push promotion.  I have a nervous edge of asking people for help as I don’t want to mooch people’s support or money, yet I also want to find a way of financing myself to be able to work creatively full-time.  My own self cannot handle or cope properly with full-time work in the workforce, yet I am okay to work on relationships, ideas, and communication and also to form future books and recordings.  I call myself a Contialitic Shoulsman by trade.  Introversial being the genre and banner for the work that I form.

Anyhow, just a very short post for now.  I’m glad to be home and to have gone through the past two difficult weeks and now will get back at it.  I had taken Fragments of Intent and the first three Fountains books offline as they need some severe revision, though Fragments will be put back online for sale in a week or two.  I think it a great book and work, yet not many have read it up to now.  It’s foundational, I believe, yet we shall see what others think of such in the future.




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