Decompression Chamber

Massive amounts of PLU8R to some key family members!!  I will not name names, though the honour, homage, and reverence are substantial!

Through the past four weeks I’ve been tripped up and sketchy with a med change.  Now one week back onto a med I was taken off, I am starting to balance out.  The fear, uncertainty, and insecurities are lessening, and the faith, hope, and structure solidify.

I have a tentative edge to many of my thoughts and actions, though am okay in some ways as the meds start to fuse into my mind.  I just took my pills and I can feel them in my brain taking affect and getting me set to rest.  The medication that I’m on is Olanzapine in a dissolvable pill and was a med that I was taken off of for a bit.  The effects were extreme and I’m still feeling a twisted and nervous.  The events of the past two weeks also included some major life events that were layered across my unstable mind when in the med change.  Though still nervous, a great deal of things have been experienced.

I find that as we wind the thread about the loom of the words, the Fragments book is also forming exceptionally well.  I have four more chapters in the third part to finish editing and believe in the quality of the book.  I want to get back to writing more, though the editing and revision needs to be formed first so that I can put the book back online for sale.  I have gone all in on a few things, and though terrified, believe in the work and the process.

For right now, I need to calm down and relax.  I still am petrified to even think sometimes, though my fears also are honing me into a shape and form that will be beneficial for many more than a few as this evolves.  For the few that read my posts up to now, THANK YOU!!!  I’m not clear on what your gain is, though the fact that someone can read what I’ve written matters.  I will form much more as time goes on, and I hope you keep well in your lives too!

So, for now, I sign out for today and get set for a night of good rest.

Keep your hearts open and glad, and I wish you love, light, luck, life, and happiness too!!!



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