Where Are Your Works Now, Rob?

A super quick update regarding the books and where they are in process.

Fractured Formation hasn’t been tended to in two or so months.  About seven short chapters on the topic of mental health and ideas for recovery and keeping out of the hospital.

Built from Within is about 30 pages ready (Chapters one to five complete) and three preview copies have been shared with people.  No feedback has been relayed yet.  The book is about creation, language, communication, and connection.  I’d like to have this book to be 150-250 pages when complete.

Beautiful, Do You Mind? has four chapters (about 50 pages written) up to now.  I reviewed the first three chapters today and also printed 2x copies of the first three chapters to share with anyone who’d like to read the work.  The book (when complete) will be about 150-250 pages total also.

Fields of Formation (the 5th Fountain) is up to 48 of 60-70 total pages complete.  The current chapter I’m in is being written to a cousin who I reconnected with about two weeks ago.  The topics of Community and Consect are discussed, and a shift of not using the number 8 in PLU8R forward.  The additional R words in my personal version are now just referred to as ‘extended PLUR’ so that I am not so set aside or apart from the intents of the credo/prerogative.

Seeds of Tomorrow (the 4th Fountain) is the only book currently available online (Here’s the link to get a copy), though I’d like to review the book again.  This book will still put 100% of its earnings to the Seed Fund.  Only 10x copies of the book are out in the world right now, though I want to review the book again to solidify the intents.  This book is the first in the trinal series that will be Sands of Yesterday (The Next Three Fountains).  The third book in the series hasn’t been started, though will be called A Distant Glimmer.

Fragments of Intent (The First Three Fountains) has been manually edited again.  The edit was uploaded and a proof ordered.  I will perform another manual revision, and then the book will be made available for online sale.  The three books that Fragments is made from (Finding Natalie, Searching for Tomorrow, and From the Valley to the Fountain) will not be available for individual purchase.  The three are to be bundled and only available in the Fragments compilation.

Shared Node is not available for sale right now.  Another manual revision is being made and will be processed in the next two or so weeks.  After the revision is made, the book will be made available for purchase again (though will be reviewed again in the future).

A short report given.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach me via email at RobertKoyich@KoyichDigital.com.

Keep at ‘er!!!

Love, light, and luck!



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