Longterm Intents (and Ideas (and Update)) for/about This WordPress Page.

The past two weeks have added a lot and adjusted my own intents… This post is to explain and track where I am in the process… For myself, and those that will read these posts.

I note that the flowetics (the streams of rhyme) are not easily understood.  They are an extension of my mind, and though something I enjoy, are not clear for most others.  From this fact, I will (in the future) post the explicit label of the word ‘Flowetics’ in the post title.  If people know what the intents are with my posts (and knowing my intents are often different) a one word tag of what the posts style or topic is about will  help future readers.

I commit to learning and building with these posts as this WordPress page’s process evolves.  Though very few have read any of the posts up to now, I will keep at it, as I also have the intent to plough communal fields, and not just tend my own garden.

Again: Intents may shift and change.

I will use this page as a way to document, track, process and discover new ideas and intents.  It’s a substantial part of my process, and something that I can use as a tool for myself, even if others are not to read the posts.

Talking and discussing life (mine and others) and forming plans are something I value highly.  There also is the case that I’m not able to have a conversation with some people, and intend to use this page as a channel to relay some ideas with written word, and not a direct conversation.

I do want to earn love and support and connection with people instead of money, though the need and want of being self-sufficient has tainted me and my own behaviours.  I have gotten over focussed on some people, behaviours and ideas and (from my view) too push promotion to seed my own benefit instead of others.  I note that I am an obsessive person and that I have also strongly lacked commitment to some processes and activities.

So, on the idea of intent (with the value of conciseness)… My intent.  To keep working and building life for myself and others.  I will share my advice and knowledge, and also will not give up on the flowetics, I just will be more clear about what I am doing.

The writing process may be quite solitary.  The evolution and development of the ideas are not though.  I’ve mentioned my prerogative in a few points of my media… Learn, Love, Live, Thrive, Create, Play, and Pray… I also remind that the idea and action of PLU8R is key and crucial, yet it so much easier to see where PLU8R is not being adhered to.

With this page, I shall set (now) the intent of the post at the title.  I will work indefinitely at the process, projects, and procedures.  There are many facets to the life I am, and there also (clearly) are a lot of things and ideas and people that are not condonable.  My intent is to help those who need help, to reveal truth, to abide by my prerogatives, and to ensure that I share my knowledge and ideas to ensure that others are not abused by those who are NOT part of the solution.



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